Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic Set To Close.

This past Friday  the state of Mississippi announced that it plans to shut down the last abortion clinic in the state because of health concerns. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization (pictured above) is the last clinic open in Mississippi and now, because it did not follow Mississippi law will soon be closed.  The clinic’s abortionists are required to have admitting privileges at local hospitals in case an abortion goes wrong and the women must be hospitalized.

While it could still be a month until the clinic actually closes, we are on the edge of a serious victory in Mississippi. It could be the first abortion-free state! This means many things. Of course, women can seek out abortions across state lines but when a woman is facing such a crisis pregnancy, she will have more time to reconsider choosing life for her child.

This also means, what we are doing is working! Abortion victimizes women and abortionist’ true intentions are clearly being exposed as they refuse to comply with state laws that keep women safe.

Finally, how remarkable is it that we are currently in the second term of our most pro-abortion president, Barack Obama, and we are making such progress? Life is winning against the culture of death and we need to continue to be the voice of hope to women and an advocate for the unborn. We are making a difference.

(Source: LifeSite News)


2 Responses to Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic Set To Close.

  1. Grace says:

    That is wonderful news! Wow an abortion free state! We have a lot of work still a head to make it an abortion free nation! But with the grace of God it will be done!

    • Asdh WEdnesday….40 days for Life is strating to KEEP SILENT NO MORE>>>>>I so live the enthusism the SURVIVORES generation is taking ACTION….AND MARCH, PRAY, AND FAST….FOR OUR PRE–BORN brothers and sisters….from womb till tomb…..
      mother of 8…7 alive, and one angel.(her feast day is Feb 7!) thanks

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