Obama urges honoring Dr. King’s legacy by… volunteering at Planned Parenthood?

Yes, that is correct.  President Obama, along with First Lady Michelle, Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden are all urging American’s to honor Dr. King’s legacy this weekend by volunteering at the Washington, DC Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

Tomorrow is the “National Day of Service,” a day set aside to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy by serving your community.  The Presidential Inauguration Committee has helped to organize events all over the country.

If you are a resident of Washington, D.C. or its surrounding areas one of the community service opportunities you have is to volunteer at the Washington, DC Metropolitan Planned Parenthood abortion facility.  During my search I did not see any volunteer opportunities posted for a pregnancy care center.

Now don’t get me wrong, volunteering and honoring Dr. King with service hours is great!  There are many great volunteer opportunities listed, like helping at food banks, feeding the poor, park clean-ups, Habitat for Humanity, etc., etc. but to add assisting Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain is just a complete turn off for the whole event.

Volunteering at an abortion facility is not something a President should be asking, but with Obama is it all really that surprising.  Unfortunately not.  And I highly doubt Dr. King himself would ask anyone to assist in the business of aborting children.  Heck, ask Alveda King, whose Uncle this service opportunity supposedly honors.

Feel free to do a search with your zip code.  Let us know how many Planned Parenthood abortion facility volunteer opportunities you find verses pregnancy care centers.

I would even suggest honor Dr. King tomorrow by volunteering at your local pregnancy care center!


6 Responses to Obama urges honoring Dr. King’s legacy by… volunteering at Planned Parenthood?

  1. Mary says:

    Can you please cite this request from Obama?

    • Hi Mary, thanks for visiting. Links are within the article and be able to point you to what you are looking for!

  2. It is so obious that Our President is obsessed with the Culture of Death and Planned Parenthood

    • drew says:

      Yes – regardless of what he says politically – he and Michelle are on record as being very pro-abort. Culture of Death puts it very clearly.


  3. hope33 says:

    Reblogged this on LovinYouAlwaysAndForever and commented:
    This is one of the most backwards stupid thing I’ve heard…. how in the world do you honor the life of a man ( MLK) who fought for everyone to have life according to the word of God by helping out a origination that promotes, funds and murders pre-born human persons!
    What is worse Planned Parenthood targets minorities… so l will let you think about it again… is volunteering at PP a way to honor Dr. King?

  4. drew says:

    I like this blog.
    I recently wrote a poem about MLK at my poetry blog.


    I also published a poem to commemorate the 2013 March for Life. I hope you will read and comment!


    Keep up the inspiring work here.

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