8 out of 10 in America Favor Abortion Restrictions

A recent survey taken by the Marist Poll found that a majority of Americans actually favor restrictions on abortion. Around 1,000 people took the survey this past December and its results showed 83% of participants favored serious restrictions on abortion. Out of those surveyed, 10% were entirely against abortion, 12% it should be allowed in cases where the mother’s life is threatened, and 34% said that abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest.

As far as labels go, 43% of survey participants said they call themselves pro-life while 57% identified themselves as pro-choice.
(Source: NCR)

This new survey flies in the face of the political environment we are in. We are currently dealing with the most pro-abortion president in our nations history, Barack Obama. Yet, abortion is becoming more and more opposed by the public at large. While it is saddening that the public considers abortion necessary at all, it is a good sign when they see the act of abortion as something negative to be reduced. Our job as pro-life activists is to continue to spread the truth about the preborn’s humanity and the injustice of abortion until it becomes unthinkable.

(More info on the survey’s results can be found here: http://www.kofc.org./un/en/news/polls/index.html)


One Response to 8 out of 10 in America Favor Abortion Restrictions

  1. Francine Leo says:

    that is quite a bit of people, nice to read that people are aganst abortion. thats a huge step. hopefully, that will change to many more who are against the atrussity of abortion. a lot of women are having babies and although its very hard, these women should be commended for having their babies, and making such a sacrifice. good job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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