Rock For Life 2012 Brief overview


My wife and I are giving a brief overview of our respective organizations in front of our church family this Sunday and it forced me to take a look back at what we did in 2012.  So far this is what I have come up with:

In 2012 RFL has:

  • driven 19,882 miles
  • exhibited at 17 Christian Music Festivals
  • rallied at 12 pro-life events
  • exhibited at 9 Christian youth conferences, and
  • rocked out at 10 Christian rock concerts

A number that isn’t included but is a difficult one to know is the number of young people reached.  We know that by being at all of the events we have had an insane amount of one-on-one conversations with young people, about abortion, what it does and sometimes what it has already done to them. Also, a huge amount of postcards, wristbands, stickers, buttons, shirts and other Rock For Life swag with our message went out to thousands upon thousands of young people in 2012!

In the coming days and weeks you will be hearing about our expanding plans as well as highlighting other 2012 highlights.

A huge thanks to Kevin, Christyn, Erin, Brian, Ryan, Kaylee, Lisa, Ashley, Missy, Bri and especially anyone who prayed for us and/or made a financial contribution.  Thanks for making 2012 one amazing year!


4 Responses to Rock For Life 2012 Brief overview

  1. How encouraging! Looks like you guys were able to accomplish a lot. That’s really awesome.

    • Thanks Ben!!!

  2. Keep going.

    Our America so desperately needs your uplifting and truthful message.

    God Bless You!

    • Thanks Eileen!!

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