Coming ALIVE

There’s something about standing behind this table, filled with buttons, stickers, pamphlets, digging through massive bins of T-shirts, as kids mob us for free stuff, that just makes my heart come alive. It’s simple. We come, we set up, we sell stuff, but somehow we touch people in the midst of the torrent of middle schoolers. God’s heart always shows through.

Music blaring from all directions but everything stops as an older woman stands before me, tears welling up in her eyes, “My first husband was abusive,” she said, “I didn’t want to have another child by this man, but I got pregnant as a result of marital rape. We sat down and seriously considered aborting her.” She paused as she choked back the tears. “Today, I can’t imagine life without her and the four beautiful grandchildren I have as a result of keeping her.” I just stood and listened as she spoke. My heart was heavy for the burden she had carried. “Don’t tell me it’s a choice!” She said firmly, “it’s not a choice.” I encouraged to tell her story because we need women who will speak from personal experience, now more than ever. “I love what you do,” she said as she walked away and I snap back to the reality of kids pining for stickers and buttons. What a beautifully deep moment…

The rush ebbs and flows, kids run back and forth from booth to booth looking for ways to spend their few dollars A young girl runs up to our table, her hair in wild, multicolored pigtails. She yells through her gap tooth smiled, “I was adopted!” She emphatically points to the sticker that says “Adoption saves lives” and proudly proclaims to her friend next to her, “My life was saved!!” I smiled and agreed with her… And off she went.

We were working with a younger crowd, so you could see the confusion on a lot of their faces. They were drawn to the table by our colorful bracelets, “I want the pink one! Wait, what does it say? Pro-Life? What’s that?” The responsibility to share with them is so bittersweet. Everything in me wants to protect them from the reality of abortion. I don’t want to break their hearts. But the urgency of the hour takes precedence. They NEED to know what is happening to their generation, to their PEERS. Two guys walk up to look at the merchandise. One looks at the bracelets puzzled and asks what abortion is. Before I could answer, his friend interjects “It’s when a woman thinks she can kill her baby!” Exactly… That’s exactly what it is…

In light of the last election, the pro-life message needs to be shared now more than ever. We can not be silent because we are afraid of “offending” people. Abortion IS offensive. It should offend us. If it doesn’t, I worry. Starting as young as middle school, we can begin planting the seed, “Life begins at conception,” “Abortion stops a beating heart.” This is my mandate.


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