Leaving for a Chicago / Cleveland trip Thursday morning

On Thursday morning we will be leaving for a trip to Chicago and then to Cleveland!  Here we’ll be attending two Acquire the Fire events.  Acquire the Fire events are huge evangelical Christian youth conferences.  Last year we were able to attend two Acquire the Fire dates in the Spring.  We had an opportunity to share the pro-life message with thousands of young people.  We look forward to the opportunity to spread the pro-life message to thousands more during the next two weekends. What an amazing two weeks this will be!

In order to make this happen though we need your help.  Like any other trip we will need help with gas, food, lodging and volunteers.  We are doing this in faith that our needs will be provided.

On this trip we will be driving at least 1,535 miles.  This will cost us about $379 in gas.  We will need another $150 in meals.  We are also looking for host homes so we don’t have to spend money on hotels.  Finally, we are looking for some churches, youth groups, pro-life events and/or concerts in those areas to attend / set-up or even speak at.  Here are the details again:

  1. Fuel costs – $379
  2. Meals – $150

Total = $529. This really is not much considering we have an opportunity to reach thousands of young people with the pro-life message!  We are talking pennies per person!  If this is something you feel you can invest in, please click here to “chip in” for these expenses.

If you are in the Chicago area, more specifically the Hoffman Estates area and would be willing to put us up for the night or more anytime between this Thursday (Oct. 24th) through next Wednesday night (Oct. 31st) let me know.  We are also looking for any churches, youth groups, pro-life events or even concerts to set up at anytime between Sunday (October 28th) through Thursday (Nov 1st) in the Chicago area, northern Indiana, northern Ohio and Cleveland.

We are also looking for a host home in the Cleveland area anytime between Sunday night (Oct. 28th) and the following Saturday night (Nov. 3rd).

If you can help us find a host home, churches, youth groups, pro-life events and / or concerts to set-up at or even speak at please let me know at your earliest convenience.  THANKS SO MUCH!

And again, if you could “chip in” anywhere between $1 to $529 this will help us reach thousands of young people with the pro-life message.  THANKS AGAIN!

Finally, we will need volunteers at each event to assist in setting up, tearing down and running the exhibit.  This is a great way to get involved, hang out with us and learn more about us.  If interested click here and send me an email.

We want to make this trip worth every penny by keeping the costs down, keeping us busy and reaching as many people as possible.  We are willing to eat and sleep at homes.  We just want to be at these events spreading the pro-life message to the next generation in a relevant, compassionate and bold way!

Please keep our safety, fundraising and educational efforts in your thought and prayers.  We couldn’t do this without you.  THANKS!


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