Do you want to help get out the vote and Rock for Life at same time?

This election, like many others, is extremely important.  This is a time for you to impact your community, your state and even your nation – and to make an impact for the preborn children.

You can make a difference and we want you to get involved, that is why we are part of the I Vote Pro-Life First Coalition!  Our coalition has a goal of reaching over 300,000 voting households.  If we can do this we believe we can have a huge impact in the election.

Now there is a way YOU can make a difference in getting out the vote and helping Rock for Life!  A generous donor has offered to donate $12-18 for every 100 get out the vote phone calls we are able to make.  This is great news!

This is a win – win situation!  Registered voters receive calls encouraging them to vote, YOU make a difference in this election and we, Rock for Life receive much-needed funds.

And we need funds!  This fall we have opportunities to reach tens of thousands of young people with the pro-life message.  But in order to do this we need financial assistance.  We receive funds, we make a difference.  We don’t, then we stay home. Staying home is NOT an option.

So, will you help us?  This is a great opportunity for many of you who want to give financially but can’t.  Now, all you need is some time.  Can you give us 4 hours, 2 hours or even an hour?  Any time will help big time and be much appreciated.  If you are interested in this opportunity please email me ASAP at


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