September Wrap-up

September was an extremely busy and exciting month for Rock for Life.  Although the summer festivals are over there was still alot going on.

We attended three music festivals – The Ignite Festival, Uprise Festival and Awakening Music Festival.  At each festival we get a chance to talk to, educate and pray with numerous young people.  We also collect pro-life stories and testimonies.  You can read some here.

We also hosted the semiannual National Pro-Life Chalk Day and the first ever I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour. We ended up visiting seven college campuses, speaking at five of those campuses!

Finally, I did get to speak on the I Vote Pro-Life First Webcast and we also were able to attend the 40 Days for Life Manassas Fall 2012 Kick-Off event.

All in all we drove over 3,000 miles in September spreading the human rights for all message – born and preborn to young people all over the country.  Fortunately we’ve had about 60% of our September gas fund covered, but we are about $304 short.  If you have it in your heart, believe in what we are doing and have a few bucks to spare could you help us cover these expenses?  If so, click here.

Thank you – for having us in your thoughts and prayers, for your financial support and for your volunteer hours.  You are helping us to change hearts and minds, you are helping us making a difference in young people’s lives.  THANK YOU!

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