Bus driver tells 12 yr old he should have been aborted

A bus driver recently told a 12 year-old boy who was riding the bus he should have been aborted.

The boy’s parents have a “Romney/Ryan” sign in their front yard and the bus driver seemed to have a problem with it.  When the bus driver engaged the young boy into a political conversation the boy told the bus driver that Obama was pro-abortion.

The bus drivers response; “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.”

Are you kidding me? This bus driver just told a young boy maybe his mom should have had him killed in-utero because the bus driver doesn’t like the boys political beliefs.

Public schools are big into anti-bullying efforts, and rightfully so.  Isn’t this bullying? An adult not only engaging a young boy into a heated political debate but then suggesting this is nothing but bullying.  Shame on this adult and major props not only to this young boy for standing his ground but his parents as well in getting this bus driver fired.

Personally I would also press charges.  In other words, don’t mess with my kids – anyone!


21 Responses to Bus driver tells 12 yr old he should have been aborted

  1. Michigan_Pat says:

    I wonder if a situation like this could have been better handled in a “disciplinary” fashion vs. firing. I suppose the parents of this kid are now “the people who got me fired” in the eyes of this bus driver. Perhaps it wouldn’t make a difference. Hard to know. I hope that someone has reached out to the bus driver in a spirit of understanding and concern.
    Pray that all people realize their worth, this young boy and also this (former) bus driver.

    • I understand your concerns but its not the parents who got this lady fired, it’s her actions. As an owner of a non-profit if any of my volunteers said something like this to a young boy I would have to let them go. I own a company and I have standards to uphold. Of course this would never happen because my volunteers are pro-life, lol! It’s not the person who tattled on my volunteers who got them fired, it’s their actions and my decision. Plus, an employee of a public school should be at an even higher standard. They are public employees paid for by tax payers. There should be no wiggle room here. If my kids bus driver said anything close to that to my kids you would bet I would fight tooth and nail to get them out of that position. Its my kids over an adult, hands down. thats my job as a father. Bus drivers should not be telling that to kids, let alone engaging them in political conversations. It was baiting. But I do understand your compassion. In this tough economy she should know better if she wants to keep a job. Plus, the school should not have too much difficulty finding someone since so many people are out of work.

  2. This is ridiculous! It just really goes to show how messed up the people who support Obama and Abortion are.

  3. Mike manning says:

    Do you have a link to a news report about this? I cannot find this story other than hearsay..

    • Hi Mike, the hyperlink is in the first sentence of the blog.

  4. Sydney M. says:

    This is what abortion does to a society. It deadens any respect we might have for each other. It teaches us that those who annoy us or inconvenience us in any way should be dead. I am sure that bus driver is post-abortive and I hope this wakes her up to find healing but given her glib attitude about dead children and her cruel nature I don’t think she should be working with kids. Period.

  5. mike manning says:

    The hyperlink quotes a radio talk show. I was looking for a link to a news service like a newspaper or a media outlet.

    • For a news paper article I am sure you can google it. A Radio Talk Show is a news service 🙂 If you find more articles you can post them here if you like.

  6. mike manning says:

    I heard on a radio talk show/news service that Obama was going to declare a national emergency and not leave office if he loses the election.

    • well that is a theory for many, regardless, just because some radio talk shows talk some nonsense doesn’t make the others just as kooky, lol

  7. SharonG says:

    Wonder how many others she’s bullied. Glad she got fired. Seems most of the godless only understand life in dollars and cents.

    • mike manning says:

      How do you know she is Godless? Do you know her?

      • SharonG says:

        Because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I see that you’re godless as well, Mike.

      • Stace says:

        I would think that her actions speak loudly as to weither or not this is a God-fearing or not. Would Mother Theresa say such things? Comes down to basic common sense here!

  8. mike manning says:

    You are seem very judgmental SharonG. Matthew 7:1-5 I will pray for you.

    • Play nice everyone!

    • SharonG says:

      My God won’t acknowledge your prayers until you bow the knee, repent, and follow Him.

      • mike manning says:

        How do you know I haven’t? Have we met? Do you know me?

      • SharonG says:

        Mike, your words betray you as godless. First, you don’t recognize wickedness when you see it. Second, you give the common heathen reply saying Christians can’t judge/discern. Mike, I don’t judge by my standards, but God’s. “You shall know them by their fruit”. Abortion is murder in God’s court. There won’t be pro-aborts in Heaven.

      • mike manning says:

        Which words Sharon?

  9. Ancient says:

    Hmm.. Sharon. Please read… Luke 18:9-14

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