VIDEO: Planned Parenthood sends woman to hospital hemorrhaging

This YouTube video is a recording of a 911 call placed by Planned Parenthood in Houston.  Here they severely injure a woman during an abortion procedure.  Listen to the call.

Abortion is not safe like their advocates say.  Abortion kills an innocent preborn child and often physically injures the mother.  Abortion is a war on women as it kills female preborn children and harms mothers.

Please keep this mother in your thoughts and prayers and please spread this video around especially to your friends and family who still think Planned Parenthood is a good organization.  Thank you.


3 Responses to VIDEO: Planned Parenthood sends woman to hospital hemorrhaging

  1. Gabrielle (a one girl revolution) says:

    What are you supposed to do when you’re 83 year old gramma is pro choice and has a face book and you’re parents asked you not to “upset” her by posting pro life stuff like this…..advice? Please? Anyone?

    • you can customize your facebook posts so certain individuals will not see that post. for instance, next time you post something pro-life, before hitting “post” click on the tab next to it. Default it says “public.” then click on “custom.” Then where it says, “hide this from” type in the names of the facebook friends you DO NOT want to see the pro-life post. Once you tag those individuals to hide the post, click on “save changes” then “post.” The default setting has now been changed to hide the next post from that individual. SO… if you want your next post to be different follow the above steps and make the changes when necessary. Hope this helps!

  2. Pray for those who are working in these killing fields. They know the are selling death. Pray that God opens their spiritual eyes to the truth.

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