Abortions in France to be 100% tax-payer funded

All abortions will soon be paid for in France by tax-payers.  All of them.  100% paid for.  And we thought we had it bad here in America with tax-payer funding of abortion giant Planned Parenthood (over $450 million a year from federal, state and local taxes) and the new HHS mandate forcing employers health insurance policies for their employees to cover contraception and potentially abortion inducing drugs.

This was introduced yesterday and was a policy that new socialist French president Francois Hollande ran on.  He won, so now he is cashing in on his promise.

The new policy will also allow abortion facilities to charge more per abortion.  Since the government is going to pay for them why not charge even more?

According to this article France aborts about 225,000 french babies a year and it’s legal up until the 12th week.


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