NYC High Schools distributing morning-after pills

New York City High Schools are distributing morning-after pills.  This is very disturbing on many different levels.

First of all, the morning-after pill can act as an early abortion.  I know this is very controversial, even in some Christian circles but this is a known fact.  Click here to find out more on how the morning after pill can be an early abortion.

Secondly, if a high school kid wants the morning after pill it is because they have had or are having sex with someone.  Who is that someone?  Is that person 18 years or older?  If so, isn’t that a crime?  Aren’t then criminals being prosecuted?  Or ignored?  Evidence suggests being ignored.  This is a travesty.

Finally, what happened to the sacred parental involvement in their children’s lives?  A very small percentage of parents have opted out of the program.  The question I have is how was this promoted to parents that only produced one to two percent to opt out?  These types of programs shouldn’t be opt out, they should be opt in.  As a parent of children in a public school system I have to send in notes for any of my children to take any sort of medicine, no exceptions – and rightfully so.  But in the case of sexual activity, contraception and potential early abortion pills ignore the will of the parents?  The morning-after pill and other similar forms of chemical contraception have been known to have serious side effects.  Click here to learn more.


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