“This is my seventh abortion”

This is my seventh abortion,” is what was spoken to a sidewalk counselor outside of an abortion facility in Florida.  Come to find out this mother is being physically abused by her husband, possibly being forced against her will to get this and previous abortions.  She agrees it has to stop.

Please keep this mother in your thoughts and prayers, that she receives counseling from her seven abortions and receives the strength and courage to say no to her abusive husband.

Abortion is not safe or rare.  It is also being used as birth control.  Most Americans oppose most abortions but we have abortion on demand, through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason or no reason at all – including abortion being used as birth control against the will of the wife of an abusive husband.


One Response to “This is my seventh abortion”

  1. When people pressure others to destroy a life, you have to wonder if those people are either that dense to suggest it, misinformed about abortion, selfish to make others make decisions, or just that heartless – or possibly a combination of all the above.

    My mom works with a woman who has had 8 abortions and makes it seem like it is no big deal, but if a husband is telling his wife she can’t have their children, it is very upsetting. The Bible says that men who have their quivers filled with children are blessed. . .but instead men like this don’t see it that way at all. May God grant comfort to the mother and help convict this man of his wrong and to surrender to Him and change his mind & heart & soul.

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