Abortion advocate Penny Marshall glad she had no choice

Well known abortion advocate and actor who played Laverne in the 1970’s / 80’s hit show Laverne and Shirley was on the Today Show recently promoting her new book My Mother Was Nuts.  On the show she said the following:

I’m pro-choice. But I’m glad that there was no choice back then, because I have a wonderful daughter and three grandchildren.

WOW!  Even Penny, who advocates for abortion sees that if she would have had the legal option of abortion she most likely would have aborted her own daughter, leaving her empty – childless and without grandchildren.

Keep Peggy in your thoughts and prayers, that through her own personal revelation she will come to see what abortion really is – a violent act that takes the life of an innocent defenseless child, leaving mothers childless.


4 Responses to Abortion advocate Penny Marshall glad she had no choice

  1. Not sure how she could be pro-choice when she was glad she had no choice. That is a bit odd sounding. Glad she gave birth to her daughter and has three grandkids to enjoy. I used to adore Laverne and Shirley.

  2. CitySnacks says:

    ‘leaving her empty- childless and without grandchildren’. You think everyone who doesn’t procreate is ’empty’? Howso? I think the childfree have lots to offer and lots of love and light to live.

    • Hi CitySnacks! No I don’t, and I’m sorry you interpreted the blog that way. She is the one who said that she is glad she didn’t have the choice to abort her child or she would be without her daughter and three grandchildren. that is a fact.

      Also, when you have an abortion you already procreated. What do you think you are pregnant with? An abortion is after the procreation has already happened.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • CitySnacks says:

        I see what you were saying, sorry for the misconstrued idea.
        I was commenting personally as a childfree woman, not thinking on abortion in particular. Just that particular phrase caught my eye.

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