Take the “I Vote Pro-Life First” Pledge

Here’s the I Vote Pro-Life First pledge, it’s simple:

I pledge that abortion is the qualifying issue.  I pledge that I will never support or vote for a candidate that endorses the killing of pre-born children.

Will you make that pledge?


4 Responses to Take the “I Vote Pro-Life First” Pledge

  1. Cheryl Lozada says:

    I made that pledge when I became a Christian over 16 yrs ago. The way that a person values all those that have been formed in God’s own image from the youngest to the oldest demonstrates their character. One that is in favor of harming the weakest and most vulnerable is at their very core EVIL!

  2. KMJ says:

    Dear friends from America (I’m from Poland, Europe). If you think that Obama and the democrats are “for the poor” or that Romney and the republicans are “for the rich”, you are wrong. Both Obama and Romney are rich and famous. Most of the rich and famous guys on this planet do not care about the poor. Democrats want everyone to think they are liberal, this is why they are prochoice, and republicans want everyone to think they are conservative, so they are prolife. It is all about the image. If a rich, famous politician tells you that the poor need contraception and abortion as a health care, it means that he doesn’t know what health care is, or that supporting prochoice agenda is a part of his political image. For sure it does not mean he wants to help the poor. A vote for Obama is not a vote for the poor, but for the rich people from Planned Parenthood and other medical but not ethical organisations. Obama is not “a good guy, who is unfortunatelly prochoice”. Wake up, he thinks that contraception and abortion means health care! Today, people who earn money by killing the unborn are treated like saviors who fight for women rights, and people who protests in front of the abortion clinics are treated like terrorists. If we want to change this, we should vote only for politicians who are likely to change this. Obama seems not to be likely to change this. Remember, most politicians are rich too much to ever think about the poor. They think only about their liberal or conservative image. We decide which image we like more. Personally, I prefer politicians with a pro-life, christian-friendly image. And it would be better to find a doctor who offers abortion in prison than to find a prolife pastor who is against abortion in prison, right?

  3. Jeng says:

    Both Romney and Obama are Pro-Choice. Look back at Romney’s campaign speeches.

    • This isn’t about advocating for or against a specific candidate or party nor is it about just participating in one race. This is about making abortion the qualifying issue for every race

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