Going on the I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour next week!

Next week I will be joining Jill Stanek and Students for Life for the first ever, I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour!  We will be hitting up at least nine college campuses starting Monday, September 17th.  We will be bringing the I Vote Pro-Life First pledge to each campus, educating and encouraging collegians the importance of the pledge and the importance of voting, and getting people registered to vote.

I am part of the I Vote Pro-Life First Coalition and I am committing to promoting this message.

Here is our current touring schedule:

Monday, September 17th
University of Michigan, MI
Michigan State University, MI

Tuesday, September 18th
Purdue University, IN

Wednesday, September 19th
Ball State University, IN
University of Cincinnati, OH

Thursday, September 20th
Ohio State University, OH
University of Akron, OH

Friday, September 21st
Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH
Clarion University, PA

If you are near any of these campuses please stop by, hear what we have to say and see about getting involved.  If you would like to bring this to YOUR campus let me know.

Finally, if YOU support our efforts and want to help us financially, please click the “donate” button or send us a check or money order to Rock for Life, PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508-0333.  These efforts aren’t free.  We are doing it and hoping and praying we can pay the bills when we get back!  So if you support us doing this please prayerfully consider supporting us.

And please keep this effort and our safety in your thoughts and prayers!

Keep checking back here for updates as well as our facebook and twitter.  THANKS!

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