Creation North East – recap

Creation in Pennsylvania was the biggest festival we have on our tour line up. Unbelievably, this festival brought in over 110,000 people from all over the country. It’s quite an experience to see that many individuals in one place, much less to engage with them everyday at our booth. There were a few moments where I had to escape to the forested area to enjoy some solitude, but overall I really loved it.


Creation Northeast tends to attract a much more family oriented crowd so we got to meet a lot more children at this stop than at any of our other festivals. For those who know me, talking to children is definitely not my forte, but even I had fun chatting with them. We got some new baby models to display for this event and the kids went absolutely nuts for them. Some of them even wanted to take them home! (Luckily we spotted that before it happened.) Apart from the smaller children we also got to make friends with a lot of youth group kids in high school. Many of them wrote in our pro-life journal, and had some touching stories about adoption and other things.

One curveball we weren’t expecting was the extremely volatile weather. This area in Pennsylvania is insanely humid in the summer, and prone to intense thunderstorms. The weather would jump from being sweltering hot to pouring down rain in nearly an instant. (This made camping really interesting.) One of my craziest memories of this trip happened while watching Nick Vujicic speak. You may have heard of Nick, he was born with no arms or legs, and God has used his story to encourage people all around the world have a bolder faith in God. Well, Nick was speaking when some very intimidating thunderclouds rolled in. Lighting began to flicker and thunder cracked in the sky.



Luckily Nick was able to finish his talk just before festival administration made an announcement for everyone to “calmly and safely” evacuate the area and return to their campgrounds to prepare for the storm. Within minutes the rain began to pour. Being the Idaho girl that I am, I was beyond excited. “We never get rain like this” I kept exclaiming. I was so excited that I made our team (as well as some nearby vendors) come outside with me to dance in the rain. It was corny, it was unnecessary, it was nothing short of wonderful.

Marc, a traveling missionary that we met at a Starbucks run. He blessed us with groceries!


Overall, Creation NE was a pretty intense festival in more ways than one. We had an awesome time but were utterly exhausted by the time we left. Thank you all for reading our updates and please continue to pray that God would use our group to touch people’s hearts and these festivals.

Boxer’s – our favorite restaurant in Pennsylvania

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