Creation Recap: Teamwork!

Hello again!

So here is round two for my festival round-up! Creation was amazing but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. The coolest part of Creation came before the festival started and that part was meeting the other half of the Rock for Life road crew! I am always excited to get to meet and work with new pro-lifers especially ones I consider my peers. It encourages me that we will be the generation to end abortion. Some new faces I got to meet were Erin, Christyn, Ryan and Matt. As we shared dinner that night with some friends before we headed to our host home, I couldn’t help but be extra excited for the festival.

After an awesome stay at Ida’s house (including a breathtaking field-trip to a nearby dam) we hit the road for Creation. Once we arrived and set up camp, it was time for the booth! Creation was definitely a change of pace in both heat and people. It was big and hot but our team handled it. Soon enough we had tons of visitors to our booth. Sure, they dug out cool t-shirts and tanks but countless of them wanted to know what we were about. They wanted to know how to get involved. Many of them stopped by our fetal models. They were amazed to see how small a baby at 10 weeks was, how it developed step by step and then were saddened to learn that a baby is able to be aborted through all 9 months.

Creation was so big that sadly I wasn’t able to talk one on one with as many people at alive but it was awesome to see how much people loooooved our merch and the message it put out: “Human Rights for All,” “I am Pro-Life,” and “I Heart Babies.” I do remember one girl. Her name was Tiffany. She came by at a rare moment when most people had filtered out from the merch tent. I told her the general facts about abortion. 3500 dead a day, around 1 million every year and that this was because abortion is legal through all 9 months. She was shocked and  since we had run out of our informative postcards, I made sure to give her my info and info about Rock for Life. It was a good moment that made all the tiring work in the heat that much more worth it.

After the festival ended, it was sadly time for me to go back home and time for the team to move on. I was incredibly reluctant to go but I hope to be working with the RFL road crew again this summer. Until then, I will be rocking this blog hard with posts for the sake of the babies. Look for another post soon!


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  1. That Week-by-week baby display is so great. Glad it is helping people see the truth about how a baby is beautiful, developing, and special no matter how large it is or where it is growing.

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