Chinese government officials, “earn cash bonuses for every abortion and sterilization they enforce”

Chinese one-child per family policy is enforced by government officials through incentives involving cash bonuses and career advancement for doing a good job.  Points are gained or lost depending on if the village you oversee is meeting the abortion and sterilization quota or not. (according to an expert on China’s one-child per family policy – read more here)

The Chinese one-child family policy has produced a stagnant population growth, gendercide, a huge discrepancy between the male and female population, forced abortion & sterilization and infanticide.

Born children who escaped this brutal Chinese policy become part of the “black market” – limited schooling, little to no government assistance or health care until the family pays a huge fee or penalty.

Abortion is a brutal act the ends a human persons life.  China’s one-child per family policy takes this brutality to another level.  This must be exposed and this must end.


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