Aurora shooter not to be charged with killing preborn child

James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado movie theater mass murderer WILL NOT be charged with killing Ashley Moser’s preborn baby, both who died as a result from the shooting.  Colorado does not recognize the preborn baby as a person, does not recognize a human being as a person until born and alive and does not charge born people for killing preborn children, at all, ever.  This is very unfortunate.

What do you think?  Shouldn’t James Holmes be charged with the murder of Ashley Moser’s preborn baby?  Or not?


4 Responses to Aurora shooter not to be charged with killing preborn child

  1. Alicia says:

    yes he should be charged!! The baby is well alive in the stomach…it has a heart beat, body parts, etc. he should be charged!! This is ridiculous!!

  2. jeremy says:

    not only him, but anyone who kills a preborn human

  3. Kelly says:

    He should definitely be charged! The law is so messed up with its view on pre-born babies. All it takes is some googling and watching the steps and changes the baby goes through while in the womb. I remember a few years ago I was able to watch a video or ultrasound images of how the baby grows, it was amazing! I will never understand how people can be so cold-hearted.

  4. This saddened me a lot when I heard about it too. It is a child he killed whether in the womb or not. Therefore he should be charged.

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