Hello from Cumberland, Maryland!

Hello from Cumberland, Maryland!

It has been a crazy week at Alive festival and I am just now able to catch my breath to tell you all about it. We arrived at the festival to set-up on Wednesday. I already felt that buzz of excitement as I set out our merchandise. I have been on tour in the past and it is something I have a passion for. Sure, hearing some great bands is a perk but I really get a kick out of talking to young people about being pro-life.  And the young people did not disappoint! Our booth was flooded with festival go-ers. Some knew Rock for Life from past years at Alive. Others wanted to know what we were about. I was happy to tell them that Rock for Life is a pro-life organization that loves spreading the pro-life message through education, action, t-shirts, stickers, and most importantly, music.

As a pro-life activist, I was able to share with many young people how they could engage their peers and culture with the pro-life message. As an adopted child, I was able to bond with numerous people who were adopted themselves or had adopted children. It always pleasantly surprises me to see how quickly adoption can bond strangers. Within moments of talking to these people, we had this amazing connection of hope and love.

I talked to one man who looked about my age who told me he had been a preemie. Doctors hadn’t expected him to survive but he did and here he was, telling me his story. Another older man told Erik and I that a doctor, after finding out his unborn child was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, encouraged him to abort. The man refused, unwilling to take the life of his daughter, a child that ended up being misdiagnosed. A spunky 10-year old girl ran up shortly after he finished his story. “Here she is.” he said with a smile. It was an incredibly awesome moment.

Besides getting t-shirts, stickers, and buttons for people, I also talked to people who would flip through a binder of Graphic Abortion Pictures we have at our booth. It honestly is always a bit heart-breaking to explain to teenagers and adults alike the reality of abortion. I remember one girl who looked to be about 16 who listened with horror as I described one of those procedures. A tear ran down her cheek and then she began taking pro-life literature. That was encouraging to see. It was sad to see a young person so broken but the tragedy of abortion motivated her to act, and to start spreading the truth.

I talked to many people and I wish I could remember all of their names and stories. All I can say is I was inspired, encouraged and motivated by each one to continue what I am doing. It is obvious to me that we, the pro-lifers, are the side with hope. But we need to keep educating ourselves and spreading the truth of the pro-life message to others. If we do this, with God’s help, there is no doubt in my mind that we can end the injustice of abortion in my lifetime.

That’s all I have for you guys for now! In just a few days we will be at Creation Festival at the Agape Farm in Mt. Union, PA! If you are planning on coming, come check out the Rock for Life booth!

Thanks and I love you!

2 Responses to Hello from Cumberland, Maryland!

  1. Thanks for the update – praying for you guys, and wishing I could have done something like this when I was younger! Maybe by the time you have kids, things will be different because of what you all are doing!

  2. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    It is great that you’ve been talking to teens about the procedures. Many are just beginning to learn about abortion and are learning about their friends who have gone through them and not understanding the destruction caused by them. Great job. That is wonderful that you are teaching and touching lives and hopefully helping inspire people towards Christ and turning towards becoming pro-life.

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