Coming Together

Our Rock for Life team was finally joined together on June 13th in a little home outside of Atlanta, Georgia. As I breathed in the humid southern air, I realized I was a LONG way from home. Our team quickly got aquatinted with each other on a hair raising trip to Walmart, driving in a van that can only be described as enormous. As we navigated the area, got lost a few times, and laughed hysterically over how many ads for peaches there were, I realized this was going to be an awesome summer. All the members of our group have very different personalities and talents to bring to the team. We all have our quirks, but a uniting passion to see God do some awesome things this summer.

As we embarked on our very first day on tour at AtlantaFest, none of us knew quite what to expect. We had set up our vendor stand, laid out our flyers, and had our pep talk… now all that was left were the people. They began to pour in slowly, some of them stopping to glance at the shirts and ask what we were about. At first it was a little strange talking with them because it was all so new (at least to me.) As time went on however, we all got into the swing of things and some pretty cool stuff went down.

It’s amazing what a wide variety of people you come in contact with at a giant festival. You have the ultra-hyper kids, the high schoolers and their youth groups, the older married couples, the musicians, the moms, the volunteers. Everyone is unique in their own way. One of the things that everyone seemed to be drawn to was a small notebook on our table with a sign that reads “Why are you pro-life?” This book serves as a way for the people we meet to not only be talked to, but also to let their own voice be heard on the issue of abortion. We got such a variety of responses in that small little book. Some people would quickly jot down things like, “Because I love babies!” Others however would pick up that notebook and pour their heart out. We got all sorts of responses. A reoccurring theme over and over again in the notebook was adoption. We have so many entries from people expressing how thankful they were that their parents gave them up into the care of a loving family who could provide the love and support they needed. For me personally, this notebook really opened my eyes to what a beautiful thing adoption is. With the sheer number of people sharing their testimony of adoption, I also realized that it is much more common than I thought.

There is so much more that I could write about our first tour in Atlanta, but for the sake of your attention span we will save that for another blog. Suffice to say, I think we all are excited to spend our summer touring the US, listening to awesome music, meeting hundreds of fascinating people, and most importantly, spreading God’s love.

Thank you to all of you who fuel this ministry with your love and support, we really could not do it without you. Please remember us in your prayers as we move forward in this adventure.

‘Till next time.


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