Let Me Introduce Myself: Rock for Life Journalism Intern, Lisa Twigg


My name is Lisa Twigg and I am the Summer Journalism Intern! I am incredibly excited to be given this opportunity and as part of my internship, I will be posting on the Rock for Life blog. I figured before I started posting, I should introduce myself and give a bit of backstory on why I chose to apply for this internship. I have been in the pro-life movement since I was 15 and its all thanks to Rock for Life. When I was a young teenager, Erik Whittington invited me to the Rock for Life Activism Weekend. I received education on the tragedy of abortion and I was given ways to act on this newly found cause.

Even though my pro-life activism career has been extensive, there have been highlights. Those highlights include the first time I joined with other’s peaceful presence outside of abortion clinics, communicating pro-life messages on signs at the Supreme Court, and marching alongside my pro-life generation at the March for Life. These experiences were ones I first shared while volunteering with Rock for Life. This organization was the one to capture my heart and put tools in my hands to fight the greatest human rights violation of our time: abortion.

While I like to call myself a person of action, I also am a writer. These two things have never conflicted in my journey as an abortion abolitionist. So as I said before, I am incredibly excited so begin using my talents for the pro-life cause and blogging for Rock for Life.


3 Responses to Let Me Introduce Myself: Rock for Life Journalism Intern, Lisa Twigg

  1. You rock Lisa – so Rock for Life is a perfect fit! I’m praying for you guys!

  2. Ben Gordon says:

    Lisa, this is awesome! I am proud of ya.

  3. Kristin Blythe says:

    I’m so excited for you Lisa! Kortney would be (is) so proud. We all are. 🙂
    You go girl!!!!

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