And we’re off!

This morning Kevin, Ryan & Kaylee took off for Atlanta, Georgia for the first event of our Summer Pro-Life Missions Trip.  They are really excited for this tour!  The drive today is going to be over 10 hours and over 570 miles.  Tonight and tomorrow they will be picking up Christyn Trelow and Erin Brecht, our other tour members.  Please keep their safety in your thoughts and prayers.  To read more about the full tour click here.

We want to thank everyone who has given to Rock for Life for our various efforts to help make this trip a success; the summer gas fund, Christen Trelow’s summer missionary fund and Erin Brecht’s summer missionary fund.  Without your thoughts, prayers and financial contributions we could not go out this summer to educate, activate and mobilize the youth of our nation to take a stand for LIFE!

We still have a way to go to reach our goals for this summer trip but we are trusting in God know that He will provide for our needs.  We are nearly at 50% of meeting our gas fund goal!  Christyn is also nearly 50% of her goal as well.  We still have a way to go so please prayerfully consider pitching in for one of these three funds to help keep us out on the road this summer.  Make sure to check back here, on facebook and twitter as the trip progresses.



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