We need gas money to reach tens of thousands this summer – Can you help?

Less than one week from today we leave on our annual Summer Festivals Tour and we are wondering if you can help us out.  Click here if you can make a contribution right now.

We will be traveling nearly 10,000 miles with the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of young people with the pro-life message to at least a dozen Christian music festivals.  In between events we will also have opportunities to speak at youth groups and to pray at abortion facilities as well.  This is an awesome opportunity to get the pro-life message out to the younger generation, get them motivated and activated with the ultimate goal of eliminating abortion in our country in our lifetimes.  To see where we will be check out our online calendar for a full listing of events.

In order to make this happen we need your help! We will be driving 9,613 miles, therefore consuming 657 gallons of fuel!  Thank GOD the gas prices are coming down a little bit lately but our bill looks to be about $2,325.00.

Can you help make a generous donation right now to help offset these fuel costs?  You can click here to make a contribution.  Here we have set up a “ChipIn” page where you can see how much of our goal has been met, when it has been met and how you can make an online donation.

$2,325.00 to reach tens of thousands of young people with the pro-life message is actually not a bad deal!

Right now our bank account is near zero and our personal credit cards are maxed out.  The costs associated with planning this summer festivals tour has totally depleted our cash reserves.  We are literally running on empty!

We are hoping to get a couple hundred dollars in our gas tank by next Tuesday in order to make it to our first event.  From there we’ll just keep asking and praying each week, hoping to keep fuel in our tanks in order to accomplish our work.  So could you help fill up our tank so we can make it to our first event?

Anything you can do right now would be greatly appreciated – a small, medium or large gift.  Doesn’t matter, we appreciate it tremendously.  Click here to make that donation (which is of course tax-deductible).  You can also call our office and give a credit card donation at 540-322-3761 or by mailing a check or money order to us at PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508.  Finally, all Rock for Life store purchases help keep us on the road as well.  Click here to check out our store.  THANKS!

Make sure to check back here often, as well as facebook and twitter as we will be posting updates from the road!

Thank you so much!

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