VIDEO: Undercover Video catches Planned Parenthood advocating gendercide

Lila Rose and the Live Action team unleashed another undercover video putting Planned Parenthood to shame.  What is Planned Parenthood doing now?  Advocating gendercide.

In their latest video, the first of most likely a series of videos on this topic, an actor is posing as a young mother  interested in aborting her child if it is a girl.  The Planned Parenthood counselor coaches her on the best way to go about this.  The mother needs to wait until she is at least five months pregnant to best determine the sex.  In the meantime apply for Medicaid to get taxpayer funding of the pregnancy visits and ultrasound.  Do not tell the OB/GYN of her wishes to abort.  Once the sex is determined, and if it is a girl to come back into Planned Parenthood for the abortion.

Although this is shocking for many it really shouldn’t shock us.  We know that Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business.  They support abortion from the moment of creation until the moment of birth for any reason what-so-ever or no reason at all.  To sell an abortion based on sex-selection should not surprise us, no matter how sickening it is.

A couple of things of interest: The Planned Parenthood counselor admits that a baby’s, “brain is already developed a lot and pretty much everything is developed,” at 16 weeks.  Also, the counselor is laughing at the fact that she has had 4 kids and 2 abortions.  Really disturbing.


  1. Post this video everywhere you can and let’s show the world that Planned Parenthood would even stoop so low as to abort children based on their gender
  2. Sign this petition calling for a ban on sex-selection abortion
  3. Pray for Planned Parenthood to be defunded, shut down and abortion ultimately to end in America

2 Responses to VIDEO: Undercover Video catches Planned Parenthood advocating gendercide

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    I think the saddest part about this video (I watched the full hour long one ) is that the woman she is talking to had two abortions and had four living children, so it is odd how she is all about abortion and recommends it when she’s gone through so many pregnancies including full termed ones herself . . .Very sad.

    • i know right? very sad indeed

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