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To help make me a Rock For Life Pro-Life Summer Missionary click here!

For those of you that don’t know me, I have an obvious passion for music that has been growing in me since my younger years.  However, it was not until this past year that Christ really showed me that He would like me to use that passion to serve Him.  This summer, He has opened a door for me to serve Him through Rock for Life.

Beginning June 12th, I will spend the next two months touring Christian music festivals across the country serving with Rock for Life.  For those of you that aren’t quite sure what Rock for Life is, I will explain a bit: Rock for Life is a christian non-profit pro-life ministry founded in 1993.  They spread the human rights for all (born and preborn) message through music, education and action.

Confused as to why I am suddenly so passionate about a pro-life ministry? Rock for Life has taken a gospel stance on the subject of abortion and convicted the hearts of pregnant teens and others with a graceful love and informative conversation.

So what will I be doing this summer? I am going to travel America challenging our youth to love the way that Jesus did with a boldness that informs their peers of future decisions.  I will be spending each and every day talking about Jesus and building relationships with believers and non-believers, alike.  And my favorite part is that I get to approach these people with a common interest, regardless of their religious views.  We share a mutual love for music and hopefully (if not, eventually), an incredible love for our Lord and a love for human rights.

I will be traveling over 6,000 miles to attend 7 major Christian music festival (and possibly more as events may be added!) with the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of my peers with the pro-life message!  I will be traveling to Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia, New Hampshire and New York (and, again, maybe more!). This is such an amazing opportunity to make such a positive impact on such a huge amount of young people!

The one big challenge for this trip, currently, is my funding.  I have calculated that in order to make this happen I will need to raise $1,300.00 by the end of the missions trip, August 11th.  I have to raise at least $300 by June 12th.  This will cover my travel costs and meals to get me going for the first week.  Rock for Life has set up a ChipIn page here.  Each contribution to Rock For Life for my mission trip is tax-deductible.  You can simply donate through the ChipIn page, call Rock for Life (540-322-3761) with a credit card, mail them a check or money order made out to “Rock for Life” with “Christyn Trelow Pro-Life Summer Missions Trip” in the memo and either hand it to me or send it to them at: PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508-0333.

Unfortunately, Rock for Life is not currently funded by any major foundations so my food, travel to meet with the tour, and any other costs I may encounter must be funded individually.  Many of you already know that I simply cannot afford to fund myself the entire summer without a job.

So I would encourage you to pray about whether or not God is calling you to help me in this. I would also encourage you not to do anything out of empathy or guilt.  I am positive that God has assigned me this journey with all intentions of fulfilling my needs.  If that is through some of your finances, spectacular.  If not, He has a backup plan.  And I would love for you to pray for me and with me for my spiritual growth and the hearts of the people I will encounter this summer.

I will be blogging my experiences throughout the summer as well as keeping you up-to-date on my fundraising goals.  So please check often for updates on this amazing journey.

Thank you for loving me,

Your friend,

Christyn Trelow

P.S. To help make me a Rock For Life Pro-Life Summer Missionary click here!  Thanks again!


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