Back to Basics: Five Ways to Man Up By Respecting Your Woman

Free love is a term that many people associate with the swinging ‘60’s – an era of rebellion, promiscuity and social freedom. The introduction of the birth control pill gave women the opportunity to partake in casual sex without the risk of pregnancy and marriage became viewed as an outdated, restricting form of social control. Since then, sexually transmitted diseases have been on the increase and the figures hardly make for romantic viewing. As a response to the alarming statistic that the rate of Chlamydia in the USA has increased every single year from 1997 to 2009, authorities have had to act accordingly. Educational pamphlets can be found everywhere from chemists to libraries and are now as common as alcohol and drug treatment programmes.

But where is the romance in any of this?  Why is society so comfortable and accepting of the fact that we are exposing ourselves to potentially life threatening diseases? And what are the implications for future generations if marriage and commitment are being shunned in favour of promiscuity and lack of respect? Interestingly, Planned Parenthood call their sexual health screening programme ‘Man Up Mondays,’ but what is possibly manly or sensible about finding yourself in the situation where your sexual health could be under threat in the first place? Surely the ‘manly’ thing to do would be to save yourself for your future spouse.

Shouldn’t men and women have more respect for themselves and each other than to hook up casually and unprotected? Some may call it old fashioned and impractical but perhaps men could really ‘man up’ by resisting the urge to hop into bed with the first person that comes along and instead try and pursue a deeper, more meaningful relationship. Ideas such as dating, romance and respect often seem outdated in today’s world of open mindedness and equal rights, but surely these are preferable to meaningless and unfulfilling sexual encounters. So guys, here are some suggestions on how to get back to basics and respect your ladies instead of hooking up and ducking out.

Date Her

These days courtship is often considered old fashioned and many new couples completely omit the dating period altogether. With the emergence of mobile phones and social networking websites, lots of couples get to know each other through text messages rather than over a candlelit dinner. But dating your prospective partner will show you that you want to spend time with her and think that she is worth treating. If you can’t afford an expensive date then do something cheap – a walk in the park or a home cooked meal will work just as well. Your thoughtfulness will show her than you want to do things with her outside of the bedroom.

Listen To Her

Research has shown that women speak three times more than men – it is down to differences in the genetic make up of the brain. But that doesn’t mean that men should switch off for two thirds of the time. Listen to her and have respect for her thoughts and opinions even if you don’t always understand or agree with them. This will help her feel valued as a person and will enable her to be comfortable talking to you openly about all aspects of her life.

Take An Interest

Show a genuine interest in her life and the things that mean most to her – especially her friends, family and hobbies. You don’t have to have identical interests but if you find yourself feeling indifferent towards the things that mean a lot to her then maybe it’s time to start questioning the relationship.

Make Her Feel Loved

It sounds corny, but making her feel special will never get old. It is important for a woman to feel appreciated so affection, compliments and thoughtfulness will go a long way. Little gifts and surprises will show her that she’s never far from your thoughts. They don’t have to be expensive, just small tokens of your affection.

Don’t Rush

As we’ve established, in today’s society many couples are eager to get down and dirty as soon as possible. It’s worth remembering that in days gone by, sex was reserved for the sanctity of marriage only and the idea of casual sex was unheard of.

Not all relationships are destined to work out, but ultimately pursuing meaningful relationship will leave you more fulfilled than a one night stand. So try and get back to basics and show your prospective partner some affection and respect.


One Response to Back to Basics: Five Ways to Man Up By Respecting Your Woman

  1. Carlee Hamilton says:

    Amen!! Sex is only for marriage, and that is the most manly thing a man can do. Just wait, and save yourself until marriage. Women, its the most ladylike thing you can do! Show respect for yourself and your future spouse. 🙂

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