Pro-Life Poem: “Who Am I?”

Received another great poem from a young person the other day.  This is great!  Keep them coming!

‘Who Am I?’

I am the prisoner
And she is the warden
I am on death row
For she has made it so

I scream and I cry
But there is no escape
She holds the key
And simply cannot relate

She won’t pull the trigger
Still she nods to confirm
I am to die
Without thought or concern

Why must I pay
For her sin or his
It doesn’t seem fair
Though life never is

I wish she could see
I need not be kept
Just release me and leave me
On another’s step

I’m just one of many
Yet my value is great
My killers don’t see it
They’re blinded by hate

Emily Faith Peel
Oct. 2011

Great job Emily!


3 Responses to Pro-Life Poem: “Who Am I?”

  1. Roger says:

    Awesome poem, really FELT that one

  2. Emily, Your poem is inspired and thought provoking. Working with many women and men who have made this horrific choice has given me a true insight into the abortion decision making process. Hate is not what happens, just tremendous fear if this “problem is allowed to continue”
    Pray for those who are enslaved by their choice.

    • Emily says:

      Thank you Eileen. Just to clarify, I meant hatred toward the situation, and ‘killers’ was referring to those performing the procedure. I totally agree.

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