Pro-Life Poem: Twelve Weeks

We recently received a submission for a pro-life poem by a young person and we thought it was really good and wanted to share it with you.

Twelve Weeks

My eyelids closed,
I curl my toes,
I feel…
Her hand press her stomach.
I wonder if, when at last she knows…
Will she finally think of me?
Or of what I will be,
If given the choice?
There are some things that we
Cannot see,
Like organs now formed inside of me,
But that’s the way it’s meant to be:
Being hidden, veiled in secrecy,
Gives life an air of mystery.
I hope when at last I am revealed
My mother will rejoice
Until that day please speak for me
Because I have no voice.

by Rachel Forster

Thanks Rachel!  Great job!

If you have a pro-life poem feel free to send our way!

One Response to Pro-Life Poem: Twelve Weeks

  1. God Bless You, Rachel. Keep writing for this world so needs to know the truth.

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