Pro-life crosses desecrated with condoms

Friday morning (April 20), abortion advocates at Western Kentucky University vandalized a pro-life display of crosses with condoms.  The campus police stood by and watched while 3,700 pro-life crosses were desecrated.  The campus police claimed that putting condoms on the crosses weren’t considered vandalism, in their opinion.

The display is what is called a cemetery of the innocents – 3,700 crosses represent the approximate number of babies aborted daily in the United States of America.  The display was set up by a campus group called Hilltoppers for Life.

This story is of concern for many reasons.  First, abortion advocates on university campuses seem to be getting more embolden to vandalize pro-life displays then every before.  These acts of vandalism seem to be increasing as of lately.  Secondly, the campus police stood by and refused to deal with the vandals.  If campus police aren’t going to uphold the rule of law, then what is the point of a rule?  If campus police can pick and choose which illegal acts they will prosecute then everyone on campus is in danger.  Finally, act of vandalism could fall under a “hate-crime” category or some sort of anti-religious bigotry act.  Imagine if vandals desecrated a Koran?  Or chanted anti-Semitic slogans at a Jewish display?  How do you think the campus police would respond?  Or how do you think the campus would respond to the perpetrators?

Call or Email WKU Dean, Dr. Dennis George at 270-745-8723 or to express your outrage and demand the university apologize to WKU Hilltoppers for Life and to train the campus police that putting condoms on some one else’s crosses is desecration and vandalizing.


5 Responses to Pro-life crosses desecrated with condoms

  1. Irma Olivarez-Gomez says:

    Why turn a blind eye to such bad behavior. Thankfully enough we live in a country where we have liberties. If people took the time to express themselves in trying to send out a very strong message, why reward such Bad choices in having soneone else come and hibder what was already there???? Selective favoritism seems to condon those actions, Clearly!!! It is Not fair to reward bad behavior. We live in rhe USA…

  2. Kelly says:

    Actually, the student was not advocating abortion, they were advocating preventing unwanted pregnancies. Isn’t that a pro-life view? It also does not come anywhere near a “hate-crime.” It was not anti-religious bigotry, it was a visual response to a highly politicized display on a secular campus in which the Hilltoppers for Life were *asking* what other students thought, and no destruction of property occurred.

    • Kelly, really? The display is pro-life. Vandals disagree with the message, which means they are not pro-life. If they aren’t pro-life then what are they for? Abortion. Which would then make them abortion advocates. Pro-life is not aborting children. pro-life isn’t about using contraception that fails to work to prevent pregnancies. Over 50% of women who get abortions are currently taking contraception. It doesn’t work. Regardless, throwing condoms on pro-life crosses is nothing but a hate crime, vandalism, anti-religious bigotry and desecration. To say anything else is, with due respect pure ignorance or deceiving.

      • Luke says:

        Finally! Someone said the words that needed to be said about all of the abortion problems.

    • Janet says:

      Kelly, this was a statement BY the WKU – “Thank you for your recent email regarding the unfortunate and distasteful act which occurred at the Hilltoppers for Life pro-life display on the WKU campus last Thursday night. My colleagues on the faculty and staff at WKU take this matter very seriously.” So the University viewed the vandalism as an unfortunate and distasteful act – it was vandalism of other people’s property. And as it was previously pointed out to you, condoms do not prevent all unwanted pregnancies – they have a very high failure rate (that’s why Planned Parenthood hands them out for free). It was an obvious act of hate – if the vandal REALLY thought what she was doing was OK, would she have done it at night dressed in dark clothes?? Vandalism of pro-life displays at universities is an ongoing problem. Would you appreciate condoms being put on your property???

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