Should Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards be Time Magazine’s Top 100?

Are you kidding me?  NO!

Time Magazine is polling their readers, asking them to, “Cast your votes for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes that you think are the most influential people in the world. Official voting ends on Friday, April 6, and the poll winner will be included in the TIME 100 issue.”

Cecile Richards is the President of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in America.  Most Americans oppose most abortions. Most Americans oppose forcing tax-payers to fund abortions.  Most Americans oppose ObamaCare, which Planned Parenthood supports.  Planned Parenthood supports forcing you and I to go against our religious or conscience objections to paying for other’s birth control pills and abortion causing drugs.  Planned Parenthood lies that it provides mammograms.  The list goes on and on.

Don’t let the abortion advocates vote Cecile Richards onto TIME Magazine’s Top 100.  Does she deserve to be on the list?  Vote, “No Way!”

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43 Responses to Should Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards be Time Magazine’s Top 100?

  1. Please retract your inaccurate statement alleging Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. In some clinics it actually administers scans using portable mammography equipment. In others it gives patients vouchers they can use at imaging centers. This is no different than any other medical provider.

    As for the rest of your claims, I can’t begin to count the distortions and lies. But please correct the record on Planned Parenthood, as it is libelous.

    • so far no proof has been shown that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms. If you have proof, please show it. We have been searching high and low. BUT there is a big difference between giving vouchers then actually performing mammograms. Cecile Richards says Planned Parenthood performs mammograms. If you bothered to watch the video you will see a good number of Planned Parenthood’s saying, on the record that they do not provide mammograms nor do they provide vouchers.

      As for the rest of the claims, please prove me wrong.

      • Interesting. My friend had one there. And my sister-in-law was given a voucher after her manual screening showed a potential problem.

        Are you under the impression that women receive mammogram imaging services in their regular doctor’s offices or community clinics?

        As to the claims on approval for abortions, that’s a murky area to dissect. First of all, polling is immaterial. Even fundies and so-called “pro-lifers” get abortions. They just don’t tell. Secondly, every poll out there shows that more than half of Americans (even though they are merely being asked) say abortions should be legal in the first trimester which – as you know but most likely will lie about – is when the VAST majority of them are undertaken.

        I also know couples out there who have made the painful decision to terminate a wanted pregnancy in its late term after gross fetal anomalies are diagnosed. Of course, you who love “unborn children” and despise “fetal pain” have no problem subjecting parents to the heartbreak of watching an infant die, or (in the case of the Santorums) forcing one to live under the most agonizing and brutal medical circumstances, in pain and discomfort. Apparently the martyrdom the Santorums cash in as political capital is worth the suffering of poor Isabella Santorum.

        If only Rick and Karen Santorum, blessed with milions of dollar, would AT LEAST support universal healthcare (what you call “ObamaCare,” but which was thought up by conservatives and enacted by Romney in Massachusetts – WITH abortion coverage). Of course they don’t. They are not moral, loving people. They are selfish opportunists.

      • I asked for proof, not what you say you or your friend had done. Do they perform mammograms or not? proof please

        No, Most people believe that most abortions are wrong – read this,

        knock if off with the personal attacks. Any more and I block you from commenting. The don’t believe in killing their unborn daughter. You may look at that as immoral or unloving. you are wrong. They did the right thing. The selfish ones would have been the mothers who would have killed their own child due to abnormalities.

        That is simply discrimination based on a perceived quality of life. That is where hitler started is holocaust. First he came for the disabled. My God have some compassion please.

      • Renee says:

        Obviously you people have no idea how PP works. A woman goes in for a routine check up (likely because she has no health care or is under-insured). PP will perform a physical exam, and if 40 years or older or a woman with high risk for breast cancer, or a lump is suspicious-PP’s health care provider (NP, MD, PA), will ORDER the mammogram and send a referral (and FUND IT) to where mammograms are done. Do you people have your MD draw your blood? Likely not. You go to the lab or X-ray dept if X-rays are ordered. PP is a clinic that cannot afford those in-house departments. And 3% of their services are abortion, WHICH IS LEGAL AND A PRIVATE MATTER. Cecile has contributed far more to WOMEN’S HEALTH than pink Komen has. You don’t see PP branding everything with a pink ribbon. They provide HEALTH CARE for women. That is their priority. Accept it. I am a nurse practitioner….why on earth would I mislead you??

      • Renee, Thanks for all of the info. But you’ve failed to prove that they provide mammograms. That is what they claim. Did you not watch the video? They claim to provide mammograms. Either they do or they do not.

        Yes, surgical abortions are 3% of their total services. Their total services are 11 million. They perform over 325,000 surgical and medical abortions. 325,000 x $450 per abortion = about $150 million dollars.

        Cecile has done nothing for women’s health. Over half of all abortions kills a female baby. how is that women’s health?

      • I’d love to answer your last one but it gave me no option. You won’t take the organization’s word for it, so why should anyone give you proof? You can read quite clearly if you take the time that services at PP are adjusted according to the community they serve. If there are imaging centers nearby, they will refer out and give patients either reduced-cost vouchers or full-payment vouchers, depending on their financial capacity. This is why Komen gave them grants. Remember?

        If there are no imaging centers reasonably close, they will bring in portable equipment.

        The problem is when you and your minions don’t care enough about facts to research, or acquire the common sense necessary to comment on medical care.

        Example: Planned Parenthood is the largest “chain” of abortion providers because it is the ONLY NATIONWIDE ABORTION PROVIDER. What part of this is so hard to grasp? Why do you think WalMart is the largest retailer? Duh.

        Planned Parenthood would love to drop abortion services and focus on the other 97% of its mission, which is contraception and life-saving cancer screenings/STD care. Sadly, there are enough nutjobs out there armed to the teeth, egged on by drama kings like you, who gun down physicians – even at church.

        Face it: 50 million women have chosen abortion since Roe v. Wade. That’s the only stat you need. It is not a fringe, radical move. It is one of two options for the medical condition known as “pregnancy.” And by a LONGSHOT it is not the only situation in which proxies take over for those who cannot decide for themselves. That’s why if you face the painful decision of removing your mother from life support if doctors say she probably will not get better – but you decide to keep her on, I will not only leave you to your private decision and avoid sharing my opinion with you, but I will support any access you have to resources making it possible for her care to be covered.

        I think we all know who among us is the most “moral.”

      • rethink, of course we can’t take the organizations word at it. That’s the point. Show us some proof. no one can, not even you. There is a reason – they don’t perform mammograms. Since they don’t, they lie. Pretty simple stuff here.

        your chain comment proves nothing. again, they are the nation’s largest abortion chain. So when I make a factually correct comment you ridicule me and when I make another comment that is factually correct but is damaging towards your hero Planned Parenthood you disregard the facts

        wow – so you’re going to link me to a murderer? wow, really cool. The interesting thing is that killing an abortionist is murder, which is the same as aborting a baby

        demeaning life to a term like pregnancy is a way to devalue life just like the nazi’s did with the Jews, by calling them parasites. the parallels are eerily similar

      • Erik… you’re ID10T If you want to know how they work.. just go to one and ASK! Better yet, take a woman who actually has breasts. Nobody needs to prove anything to you, do you ask people to prove how hospitals work? What do you care about under insured/uninsured women? FACT: PP has provides over 800,000 breasts exams per year! Some of those find cancer, those women get help. You whine over who does the xray. If PP goes under, what are your plans for those 800,000 yearly exams? Right, you don’t have one. that’s what I thought.

      • a man telling me, a man that I should have no say because I have no breasts? DuDe how about a little consistency. I have a right to speak my mind and I have a right to tell the truth which is the fact that Planned Parenthood does not provide any mammograms. That’s a fact. And just so you know David there is a difference between a breast exam and a mammogram.

    • Megd71 says:

      HHS has issued a statement which said that there is not a SINGLE PLANNED PARENTHOOD CLINIC which actually performs mammograms, since there is not a single Planned Parenthood Clinic with a mammography imaging tool.. If they are, they are doing so illegally.

  2. dave™© says:

    (bad word) you wingnut moron, (bad word). YOU.

    • wow you are cool

  3. Cdc says:

    Thx for the post so I could vote for her. Wouldn’t have known about this otherwise

    • Well, Cdc, glad that we have some abortion supporting readers here. Regardless, you are behind 60%-30%. Looks like you have some work to do.

      • Cdc says:

        Very very bad form there Erik – what name did I choose to post under? Does your site sell email addies too? Guess its my own fault – your article lacks integrity so I knew who I was dealing with. As does your comment – since I was just there and “we” are behind 58 – 42.

      • refresh the page Cdc, how does the article lack integrity. Feel free to show me the light

  4. Susan Israel says:

    Voted proudly for Cecile. Would do it again and again. This guy – and his lovers Newt, Rick and Mitt- can’t wait until they’re silenced in November. FOUR MORE YEARS, baby. Sit on it!

    • susan, not sure who you are talking about, my only lover is my wife. this post and this website has nothing to do with supporting political candidates

    • Eileen says:

      We certainly hope that is the outcome of the election. I would vote for her may times over too.

      For all of the others, don’t lecture me on who does and does not choose to abort a ferus that has major problem. Until you have walked a mile in others shoes, be quiet. My Mom was a Mother of my Downs Syndrom sister until Mom was 82, at her death. I took over for the last 15 years and have just lost my precious sister to Alzheimer’s. Where and what would have happened to her if I did not exist, was not able to care for her, or did not want to? That is a horrible thought for any parent to have to live with, Many State facilities are to awful to even contemplate having a loved one live in.

      • Eileen, no lecturing here, just facts. Abortion is the greatest human rights violation of all time. it is killing for convenience. I am surprised with everything that you have gone through that you aren’t for all people, even those who are defenseless and innocent.

  5. Ian Evans says:

    Well this is weird. I came to this page and upon seeing the headliner (“Promoting human rights for all people..”) and expected that perhaps, in addition to some words on the abortion issue based on the rather perjorative term “preborn”), I might also find a great deal in support of issues concerning actual human rights, such as essays promoting environmental protection, support for government-sponsored pre-school education and nutrition programmes, daycare for working single mothers, and a plethora of other issues vital to human rights, such as possibly an essay on issues affecting voting in elections. But no. Sadly, as it turns out, this website turns out to be a one-man, one-issue screed. Very unfortunate.

    • Cdc says:

      But there was the one article that was sad for the woman who died taking ru-486. If she had lived she just be another selfish %#^* – but since she’s dead

      . . . worry for people before they are born and after they’re dead and not so much with the in between.

      • cdc, what are you talking about?

    • Ian, abortion is the greatest human rights violation in the history of human kind. abortion directly kills a human person, an innocent and defenseless one. If you can’t defend innocent, defenseless children, then who can you defend?

      • Cdc says:

        Innocent defenseless children already on this side of the womb who are starving, beaten, sold into slavery and prostitution all over the world??

      • right, so we defend both – not just the born ones

      • Cdc says:

        Where? I didn’t see any articles of the sort

      • Cdc, I have googled you and I see no articles that you have written to defend spousal abuse, so you must be for spousal abuse, correct?

  6. Nancy says:

    Planned Parenthood saves women’s lives. Birth control SAVES the government money now and in the future. Simple math shows that every penny spent on birth control saves millions in future government spending plus lots of human suffering. Think about it–don’t just follow a philosophy like a blind sheep. Spouting generalities can make you feel powerful and self-righteous but it doesn’t make you right.

    • Nancy, How can Planned Parenthood save women’s lives when abortion kills female children and sometimes kills the mother?

  7. Cdc says:

    Refresh the page? How about – ‘sorry for the mistake. ‘

    We’ll go with simplest since the above shows me there is no dialogue to be gained here.

    PP is not an abortion chain – they are a health clinic and one of their services is abortion. In order to classify them as an ‘abortion chain’ each location would have to provide abortions they do not.

    • Cdc, yes I am sorry. But you are wrong, they are an abortion chain. They abort over 325,000 babies a year. That’s a chain.

      • Cdc says:

        Thank you . A chain is not defined in volume. Again there are plenty of their clinics that do not offer the service. But all of their clinics offer other services. However, if you want to define by volume it is still the least of the services they provide so still not an abortion chain

      • Cdc, no one said every single Planned Parenthood facility performs abortions. Planned Parenthood performs more abortions in America that anyone else. They own over 800 facilities. They abort over 350,000 making at least $150 million. In my mind and most Americans that is a chain. Argue all you want. Falling on deaf ears.

  8. Lauren says:

    Yes, PP does indeed provide mammograms. I’ve had two at the downtown Chicago location. Now sure how I can “prove” it.

    • Lauren, you keep your receipt?

      • DM says:

        Erik, are you doing to show absolute, concrete proof and research EVERY PP office in the entire country before you make sweeping generalizations like you did in this article with “Most people”?

        I don’t think the readers of RockForLife represents “most people”. Just the conservative ones. You’d be better off polling from several sites, both conservative and liberal, then going for an average. After that, a majority swing your way would be much more bipartisan.

        And while the majority of PP locations do not provide mammograms, ALL locations provide screenings. And, if it’s necessary, ALL locations provide referrals to clinics and hospitals that DO provide mammograms. This is what Richards meant in that poorly re-edited video of yours. If they lose their funding, women will no longer have access to screenings and, in turn, mammogram referrals.

        If you opened your mind past your own moral values, walked into a PP clinic and asked about the services they provide…..wait, never mind. I forgot who I was talking to.

        Carry on.

      • Hey DM, many Planned Parenthood’s were researched and we’ve found not one. Now, Planned Parenthood is free to expose our lies, but so far they haven’t. Why? Because its true – they do not provide mammograms like they say that they do. Not one single person. Please anyone?

        Most Americans oppose most abortions. That is a fact. There have been numerous polls throughout the years that back up that claim. All you have to do is click the link that I provided or do a simple google search.

        No, its zero Planned Parenthood locations provide mammograms. Yes thats nice – screenings and referrals. I didn’t say they didn’t. All is said is that Planned Parenthood says they provide mammograms and they do not. That is considered a lie.

        If Planned Parenthood loses funding then women go to another health clinic. so no, no one loses access. That is a ruse designed to scare tax payers from pulling funding. Of course, if they were honest then funding would get pulled. But I guess honesty is a little too much to ask here.

        Walk in one – why? We called them. And not one said they provided mammograms.

        What is wrong with moral values? Do you prefer immoral values?

      • See, this is what I mean. You are so dogmatic and hostile you can’t even trust the word of someone. You need a “receipt.”

        I’d like a “receipt” that shows you were elsewhere over the weekend and could not possibly have bombed the Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin.

        You “pro-life” types are a curious bunch.

      • I’d be happy to show you any receipts to prove your ridiculous claim is, well ridiculous in exchange just a little proof that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms. Let me know if interested

  9. SLM says:

    I am pro choice and have been for a woman’s right to choose since Roe v Wade became law. If abortions were against the law, millions of pro-life and pro-choice women would be in jail. I will pray for you, your wife and four children in Fredericksburg for your compassion and understanding for women’s rights.

    • pro-choice of what? Why are self proclaimed “pro-choicers” afraid to call it the way it is – abortion. You are pro-abortion. You are not pro-choice because the child being violently aborted has no choice. You aren’t for women’s rights. Over half of all abortions violently murder a female baby. How is that women’s rights? I’m glad that you pray, but you need to pray for yourself. It seems like I have a much better handle on compassion and an understanding of women’s rights that you do. And who is going to jail? Not one anti-abortion person talks about jailing women. Did women go to jail before Roe V Wade?

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