Hunger Games Star Elizabeth Banks is a Planned Parenthood advocate

I was really interested in seeing the Hunger Games, but now not so much so.  In this article she appears to be a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain; “For more information, please visit the most comprehensive and willing advocates for women’s health in America: Planned Parenthood.”

Why is Planned Parenthood so great to Elizabeth Banks?  Well, her child was created through the IVF process and she credit his birth to the birth control.  Yes that’s right, she credits the birth control pill for the birth of her son.  Without going into much detail she was prescribed the birth control for intense migraine headaches and intense menstrual cycles.  Even though the birth control pill doesn’t fix those problems and have severe side effects, she was prescribed the pill anyways.

So why is she crediting Planned Parenthood for her IVF and birth control pills?  She didn’t go to Planned Parenthood for either one.  I believe these are just emotional tugs aimed at garnering support to Planned Parenthood, the ObamaCare mandate that forces you and I to pay for abortions through the federally controlled insurance exchange, and the Department of Health and Human Services mandate which would force all employees to pay for another person’s birth control pills through their insurance policies as well as forcing employees to provide insurance policies that cover birth control pills.  Where is the freedom of religious or conscience rights?

Let’s keep Elizabeth Banks in our thoughts and prayers, that she will stop supporting the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.


7 Responses to Hunger Games Star Elizabeth Banks is a Planned Parenthood advocate

  1. verbumreale says:

    Are you going to stop seeing any movies where there might be cast-member or two that support Planned Parenthood?? If so, enjoy watching only Kirk Cameron movies.

    • No, why would I?

      • Rosemary says:

        You said you weren’t as interested in seeing it now. 😉

        This does not change my opinion of the movie (which I found to be pretty pro life). But I guess it’s always sad when someone with influence uses it badly. No need to drag her movies into it.

      • Right, I said not as interested but no where did I say I wasn’t going to watch it nor did I say this movie should be boycotted. You guys are reading way too into that post…

  2. Rosemary says:

    you read too much into my comment! I was just pointing out that what you said sounded like you were less likely to see the movie now. The first poster read that as boycotting, I read that as possibly unfairly dragging a movie down with an actress. I didn’t think you were going to boycott it. No need to get defensive, we’re all on the same side! 🙂

    • so confused!

      • Rosemary says:

        . . . I’m not. Whatever! 🙂

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