Story of a Life Saved – Impact Youth Conference Ocean City

Image“Seeing you at Impact last year helped me in my decision to not have an abortion” – A quote from a young girl who came to our table at Impact Youth Conference this past weekend.

Last weekend we were in Ocean City, Maryland for a 2,000+ person Christian youth conference. We had a booth alongside many other college, ministries and bands.

We had great conversations all weekend, but the one that stood out was one I had with a young girl who recently became pregnant. She came storming to the table at the start of the conference asking how she could get involved with Rock for Life. After answering all her questions I asked why she was so interested.  She told me  she was pregnant, and seeing our booth the previous year was an influence in her decision to keep her child. Now she wants to get involved and share her story to as many people as she can!

Yes that’s right – a young child is alive today partly because of our presence and efforts at this same conference last year!  Isn’t that amazing?

Stories like Kristan’s are what keep us going, it’s why we do what we do. Rock for Life targets the younger generations by going to youth conferences like Impact and hearing her story just confirms the influence we are having on the pro-life generation! Impact was a great weekend of inspiring the next generation of youth!

Special thanks – Hannah Valle for hosting us at her home – The vendor coordinators at the event –  All the kids who support our ministry – Alex Moreland and Brian Collins for volunteering.

And a special thanks to our supporters who give their prayers, time and their resources to see that we are a constant presence at Christian youth conference, conventions, concerts and festivals.  THANK YOU!


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