VIDEO: Possible Botched Abortion?

The new Planned Parenthood behemoth abortion center ($16 million, three-story, 46,000 square feet) in St. Paul, Minnesota just sent a woman to the hospital in an ambulance, most likely a botched abortion.  This could make it the second botched abortion performed by a Planned Parenthood in Minnesota.  See the video below.

In the video you will see how Planned Parenthood staff sent the emergency personnel to the back of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility.  That would make it more difficult for the videographer to record the incident.  Why no siren coming from the ambulance?  I have seen similar scenes before.  This is to keep from drawing attention to the embarrassing situation at hand for Planned Parenthood.  Remember – SAFE, legal and rare 😉  yeah right…

Another reason why Planned Parenthood should be defunded and ultimately shut down.  Help spread the word about Planned Parenthood.  Share this video please, thanks.


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