Could you help us reach thousands by helping us insure our van?

Hey guys!  Big favor: Could you help us insure our van? Our vehicle insurance is about to expire and we really need help to renew the policy.

Within the next five weeks we will be traveling over 1600 miles attending youth conferences, conventions, marches and rallies with the opportunity to reach thousands of young people with the human rights for all born and preborn message.  In order to make these events we need to insure our vehicle.  Can you help?

The next five weeks are going to be crazy.  We will be educating young people about abortion, getting young people involved and inspired, getting them some cool pro-life gear, getting young people to make the I Vote Pro-Life First pledge and getting those old enough registered to vote!  But in order to do this we need to renew our vehicle insurance!

Believe it or not our insurance policy is only $396 for a full year!  We have started a ChipIn page where you can “chip in” to help, view our progress, invite others to “chip in” and find out when we have reached our goal.

So please, prayerfully consider helping us in this way.  We appreciate anything you can do.  And we really appreciate your support through your prayers.  Thanks you so much!

All donations are tax-deductible.


7 Responses to Could you help us reach thousands by helping us insure our van?

  1. We received our first contribution – $50! Only $346 to go!

    • 2 more donations came in! We are now up to $95! Only $301 to go!

      • $100 down, $296 to go. Thanks so much!

      • $102 down, $294 to go!

  2. 37% there! $148 down, $248 to go! Thanks everyone!

  3. Wow we just received a nice gift of $100! That puts us at 62% of our goal. $248 down, $148 to go!

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