Say NO! To Abortion Pills in Vending Machines – Sign this petition today!

Earlier this week we learned that Shippensburg University has a vending machine in their Health Center that has, amongst all things, morning-after abortion pills (Plan B). This is outrageous! How is offering morning-after abortion pills to young college students possibly pregnant, scared and in need of some real help – health care? It’s not! To think or say that it is is just political correctness run amok, factually incorrect and/or misguided compassion.

And to offer them in a vending machine? This is beyond outrageous.

I am asking you to sign this petition and “like” the facebook fan page.  If you agree with the statement below go to, sign this statement and share through your social media networks and email lists.  Also, share the facebook fan page on your wall.

Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania is now offering morning after abortion pills (Plan B) to students in a vending machine located at the campus’ health center for $25.

It is obvious that Shippensburg University has placed a higher priority on political correctness than on the safety and well-being of their female students. The birth control pill requires a prescription and a consultation between the patient and doctor before ordering. Plan B is a high-dose version of the birth control which was developed to be taken within 72 hours after intercourse to stop ovulation or abort a newly created human being.

For a university to allow abortion pills to be sold through a vending machine without a doctor’s exam is beyond comprehension. What happened to protecting women’s health? How are vending machine abortions protecting women and giving women in crisis all the facts they need?

I urge you, Dr. William Ruud, President of Shippensburg University, to put your student’s health above politics and political correctness by removing morning-after abortion pills (Plan B) from your vending machine.

Again, if you agree with this go to, sign it and share, “like” the facebook fan page and share it to your wall. Let’s make a difference. Let’s make our voices heard and get these morning-after abortion pills out this vending machine at Shippensburg University.

After you sign the pledge a box pops up asking you to share this petition through your twitter and facebook social networks.  Please do that and help us spread the word.  THANKS!

2 Responses to Say NO! To Abortion Pills in Vending Machines – Sign this petition today!

  1. Ari Walton says:

    Good Morning,

    I just wanted to give you some additional information. I’m unsure of the regulations in other states, but at least three states that I know of do not require medical examination (for people 16 and over) prior to the purchase of Plan B. In fact, I’m not sure if that’s the case anywhere. Please provide me with legitimate information with a reference to your information source. If you are unable to do so, your posts will become void to me because I cannot trust the source.

    Thank you,
    Ari Walton

    • Hi Ari, Thanks for visiting our website.

      What information are you looking for where we need a source to back it up?

      Let me know, thanks!

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