VIDEO: Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms

In light of the recent controversy regarding Susan G. Komen pulling funding from Planned Parenthood, then apologizing – leaving many of us trying to figure out what is really going on, let’s remember this: Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.  They claim they do.  Susan G. Komen for Cure exists to raise awareness about breast cancer, prevention and possibly a cure.  Why did Susan G. Komen for the Cure grant funds to Planned Parenthood when they don’t even provide mammograms?

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13 Responses to VIDEO: Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms

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  2. Al says:

    How are you sure that NO PP anywhere offers mammograms or thermograms (which do the same thing as mammograms – detect tumors – without X-rays).

    • Hey Al, Well there has been extensive research on this and so far Planned Parenthood hasn’t proved us otherwise. Please, if you do locate one Planned Parenthood facility who offer a mammogram please do let us know!

  3. Al says:

    We, having upright morals, cannot use falsehoods to support the cause of truth. Pro-aborts and other immoral people can lie and shade the truth all they want to support their cause and it’s no sweat if they are caught. Maybe a moment’s embarrassment, but mostly “so what?”

    • Al, are you suggesting we are using a “falsehood?” That’s a pretty hefty charge without proof. Again, please locate one Planned Parenthood facility who offers mammograms and let us know! Thanks!

      • Al says:

        I’m sorry, but you are the ones accusing PP of claiming to provide mammograms but not doing so. It is you who must substantiate your accusation. This is a standard rule of procedure followed by the courts of most civil governments and is prescribed by the law of Moses. The accuser must prove his case. The burden of proof is not on PP. Certainly proof of their claim is decisive but they do not have to show any. All they would have to do is show one or two mammography sites among the hundreds of PP facilities.
        I have seen so much false information promoted by “Christians” that turned out to be repeated from someone else in the abortion “wars,” concerning evolutionism, and concerning Biblical facts and doctrine that I tend to be skeptical.
        If you will read what I wrote you will see that I in no way accused you of presenting a falsehood. By so interpreting my writing you have jumped to an unwarranted conclusion. That your response is such makes me all the more suspicious of the veracity of the accusation.
        Please provide me with the source(s) of the research you referred to.

        The servants of the devil can lie, shade the truth, equivocate, etc. to “high heaven” (or more like the “depths of hell”) and it is nothing to them when they are caught and exposed. They just make some more falsehoods. To their kind anything goes to further their cause of extermination of mankind.

        We, on the other hand, must be ever careful not to make false accusations. We claim to have high morals and any defect glares like a match in total darkness.

      • No Al, it is Planned Parenthood who claims to provide mammograms and it is pro-lifers who have proved that they don’t. Did you not watch the video?

      • Al says:

        The video does not show every PP facility. Only 11 are cited. There are hundreds of them. But it would seem reasonable for PP to show at least one mammography machine in one PP facility.

        My personal opinion is that PP is extorting the $600,000 or so from SGK. Just my opinion. Or maybe SGK is jut one of many funnels for funding to PP? Just in how you look at it, I suppose.
        SGK is essentially a front for the American Cancer Society. The ACS is not interested in preventing cancer. It is interested in “curing” cancer. Mammograms and thermograms do not cure cancer. They detect already-growing tumors that may or may not have become malignant – yet (?). The more abortions, the more breast and other female cancers, the more business for ACS members.
        As soon as this discussion is done, feel quite free to delete all of these posts. I won’t be offended at all.

      • showing every single one would be nearly impossible and illegal as some states it is not legal to record phone conversations. The point was made, Planned Parenthood lies (real shocker there). A statement was made with substantial proof. All Planned Parenthood had (and could still do) is show proof that they have provided one mammogram and they haven’t. Which tells most sensible people that they never have performed a mammogram and have no intentions of ever performing one. Also, not one person has come forward to say, “Hey I’ve had a mammogram at Planned Parenthood.” Not one. I think that is some pretty good evidence.

  4. Al says:

    If I had a free phone I could start calling PPs asking to come in for a mammogram. Unfortunately at present I must concentrate on making a living for myself and my wife and six children at home.

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