VIDEO: “You Killed Our Baby! You Don’t Ever Forget That!” exclaims Grey’s Anatomy’s Owen

Earlier in the year (as in TV series sitcom year, not calendar year) Christina, a character in Grey’s  Anatomy, aborted her child.  Owen, her husband, reluctantly went along.  Owen and Christina are married.  Owen wants children, Christina does not.  You would think they would talk about these things before getting married, but then that wouldn’t make good TV then, would it?

At the time of the abortion the abortion advocates were ecstatic that an abortion was happening on TV (see this, this and this).  Usually an “unplanned” pregnancy ends up in childbirth, at least on TV and in the movies.  Not in all cases of course, but more than not.  The abortion advocates were thankful for Grey’s Anatomy showing that abortion is just a simple procedure.  No big deal, right?

Now the abortion decision has come to a head in Owen and Christina’s marriage.  The latest episode, “Hope for the Hopeless” aired on January 19th, just three days before the “anniversary” of Roe v Wade / Doe v Bolton US Supreme Court decisions that ushered in abortion on demand in our country.

On this clip you will see Owen and Christina arguing about a number of things in a side room during, interestingly enough, a child’s birthday party.  Once Christina realizes this argument is really about her abortion and her selfishness, she asks, “It’s over. Is it too much to ask that we try and forget it?”  Owen’s reply?  Watch the clip (it’s in the title of the blog!)

So, how do the abortion advocates feel about showing abortion on TV now?

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