CNN POLL: Most people want most abortions illegal

This CNN poll is a few months old but I thought I’d highlight it since the annual March for Life and surrounding activities (Students for Life Conference, National Pro-Life Youth Rally, etc., etc) are happening next weekend!  NOTE: you need to go directly to page 4 and skip the terrorism and evolution questions!

When you first read the poll you may go, “oh no only 21% believe all abortions should be illegal.”  True, this isn’t a majority and ultimately we want all preborn babies to be protected by law.  But when you read more into the poll you will quickly see that the majority of those polled want most abortions illegal.

So here it is in a nutshell:

  1. 21% believe all abortions should be illegal (more of a personhood position)
  2. 41 % believe that abortion should only be legal in a few circumstances, (most likely health, life, rape, incest)

This means that 62% of Americans believe most abortions should be illegal!

But wait, there is more!  Another 12% believe abortion should be legal in most circumstances, which means mostly likely these individuals are against late-term abortions.  So, that means 74% believe all, most or some abortions should be illegal.

Although this is far from a pure pro-life personhood position, it shows you three important things.

  1. Most people believe most abortions should be illegal
  2. The current abortion laws do now line up with the will of the people, and
  3. We have a long way to go in educating the masses on the truths about abortion, the humanity of the child and the fact that abortion is a horrific crime against humanity



6 Responses to CNN POLL: Most people want most abortions illegal

  1. TCA says:

    I’m pro-choice, but I’m not here to pick a fight or demean your opinion. I can truly understand the pro-life side of things. I understand wanting to protect children, even unborn children. However, I think it’s important to point out that this poll isn’t exactly reliable. No, I’m not knocking CNN, but look at who they polled:

    “Interviews with 1,038 adult Americans conducted by telephone
    by ORC International on September 9-11, 2011. The margin of
    sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or
    minus 3 percentage points. The sample also includes 943
    interviews among registered voters (plus or minus 3 percentage
    The sample includes 834 interviews among landline respondents
    and 204 interviews among cell phone respondents.”

    1000 people are supposed to represent the 300,000,000 that live here in this country. Even more important, look at the demographic. They took these polls by calling primarily “landlines.” That means they are targeting an older demographic that have more traditional values. Also, they didn’t mention the states these participants were from, their religion, political affiliation, or what time of day the calls were made.

    This isn’t a true representation of modern America. It’s misleading survey meant to make murky waters even muddier.

    • thanks for stopping by! I understand your concerns. This is pretty typical of all surveys. Interestingly enough, CNN is pretty liberal so it is very likely that this poll is skewed towards their leanings, meaning that it is probably more pro-life than this survey/poll suggests. Regardless, I understand your concerns about how they do these polls, regardless, these were the results.

  2. J_dogg82 says:

    What a joke! Not only did you get the numbers WRONG, but you blatantly misrepresented what the poll showed. Even the Supreme Court doesn’t support abortion in “all circumstances.”


    “Do you think abortion should be legal under any circumstances, legal under only certain circumstances, or illegal in all circumstances? ”

    Legal under any circumstances – 25%
    Legal under certain circumstances – 53%
    Illegal in all circumstances – 21%”

    That’s 78% supporting access to abortion. You can pretend that “most want it illegal” though…if you want…I guess.

    • Let’s do the math one more time.

      21% believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. 53% believe abortion should be legal is CERTAIN circumstances. In other words, illegal in most with exceptions (rape, incest, life, health).

      So the grand total, 53 + 21 = 74%. Since most is more than half we are more than safe to say MOST Americans believe that MOST abortions should be illegal.

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