VIDEO: National Pro-Life Youth Rally Promo

Check out our National Pro-Life Youth Rally Promo video.  I was with Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life last night as she was putting the finishing touches on this thing.  Great job, huh?

Please help us spread the word about the rally by commenting, “liking,” sharing, tweeting and blogging.


7 Responses to VIDEO: National Pro-Life Youth Rally Promo

  1. anita crane says:

    Yay Erik! See you there

    • See you there Anita!

  2. Splendid… ‘chills’, I was there in 1973 or there abouts, and have had 8 pregancies, and 7 were live births…THANK YOU, will be praying…with “the HOLY SPIRIT’ WHO is abounding with the ‘new pentacost’ i heard on EWTN (ETERNAL WORD TELEVISION NETWORK).

    LILA Rose, I was able to ask ‘if I COULD give her a hug, met her with son in 2011, in RI!!!

    • Thank you Theresa!

  3. Slartibart says:

    Why do you people think you have the right to tell other people how to live their lives? If you don’t like abortions then don’t get one. Don’t try forcing your beliefs on others. No one likes abortions, especially the woman and girls who get them. But sometimes they’re just necessary. Even if abortions are made illegal, they will still happen, just in dark alleys and under unsanitary conditions. If abortions weren’t legal, many woman and girls, who are living for the record, would die of infections resulting from the abortion they crucially needed. How would you like it if some part of the population didn’t need to eat, and thus wanted to make eating illegal for everyone else? They might say that eating is immoral because it requires killing plants and animals for food. Everyone except them would die because they thought the production of food was evil. Everyone who attends this rally stop and think to yourselves, “Why am I doing this? Who might I be hurting?” Please, for the good of humankind, stop this morally and political wrong rally. I believe in life too. All forms of life. But I am especially concerned with the life already breathing on earth. Legal, sanitary abortions save lives, not end them.

    • Thanks for writing

      Abortion tells other people, preborn people, people living un-utero that THEIR LIVES are cheap and expendable. So abortion tells others how to NOT live.

      If no one likes abortions, then what is wrong with them? If nothing is wrong with them then they are all ok. If something is wrong with them then they are all wrong. Which one is it?

      Legal abortions are provided in unsanitary conditions. Mothers die and are harmed physically often.

      All abortions end in death. Every time for a small baby, sometimes for a mother.

      How would I like it? I wouldn’t. And neither do people who are targeted for death, which is what abortion is. Your point makes ours.

      take care,

    • anita crane says:

      Slartibart, you are quite out of touch. Besides the fact that each abortion kills an innocent human person, more and more abortion clinics are being shut down for filth and murder of the mothers they supposedly serve. Here’s one the latest examples: Northern Illinois Women’s Center shut down @
      Oh, and if abortion is such a good thing, you shouldn’t be afraid to take a look at it here:
      In answer to your question: “Why do you people think you have the right to tell other people how to live their lives?” I ask, why do you think you have a right to take people’s lives?

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