Country Music Singer owns three abortion facilities

I’ve known a lot of musicians who were abortion advocates but none like this, willing to co-own three abortion facilities.  Her name is Jodell Nauert of JoDell and the Mountain Road Band.

Jodell inherited these abortion facilities from her husband (who was an abortionist) in 2007 when he died.  These facilities are located in Florida.

Pro-lifers recently protested her performance at an oyster bar.  The video is below.  Make sure to fast forward to about 9:50.  Here a woman asks, “What about the babies, Jodell?” A bar patron curses at the woman.  Listen to Jodell’s response.  Really?

Please pray for Jodell, that she has a heart conversion towards life and against the destruction of it which she is currently heavily involved in.

To view other artists who advocate for abortion, click here.



4 Responses to Country Music Singer owns three abortion facilities

  1. donni says:

    She also cheated on her husband with her current “boyfriend” (“T-Bone”), and when her husband found out, he shot himself in the head. Nice, huh? Apparently didn’t care about her kids having a father either. Mr. Carter also has a son that he has ignored his entire life.

    • yikes! wow, thanks for letting us know. Very tragic

    • donni says:

      Also her kids go to Clearwater Catholic. Kinda ironic, huh?

  2. donni says:

    She now plays in a band called The Stingerz

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