Man charged with murder – victim refused to abort his child

This is a horrific story.  A young man has been charged with murdering a young woman who was pregnant with his baby.  Joseph Mike Devia and  Omoyeme Obehi Erazua reportedly had been exchanging calls and text messages that made it clear that Devia was the father and he wanted an abortion, Erazua refused.  She paid the ultimate price.

I haven’t seen any reports yet if he’ll be charged with two murders, if not he should.  If Devia did kill Erazua, which it is becoming clearer and clearer that he did, he also hastened the death of his own baby boy.

Unfortunately this is what we get when we accept abortion, the violent taking of an innocent human babies life.  Death becomes an answer to life’s difficult situations, in-utero and out.

Pray for justice to be served, Erazua’s family and for Devia to have a pro-life conversion.


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