Obama’s FDA considers allowing morning-after abortion pill available on supermarket shelves

Breaking news story: Obama’s FDA is considering allowing the morning-after abortion pill available on drugstore and supermarket shelves, available to anyone of any age without a prescription.  That’s right, it’ll most likely be stocked next to other contraceptives and just as easy to get as toilet paper and toothpaste.

Many believe the morning-after abortion pill is simply a contraceptive.  Wrong!  It is an abortion pill.  Since conception has most likely already occurred by the time these pills are taken and in the blood stream, the high-dose hormone now works as an abortifacient – thinning the line of the uterus making the womb inhospitable towards a new conceived child.  This is abortion.  It’s simple science.  Unfortunately the abortion advocates market it as contraception, confusing many in the process.  For more info on how these pills work, click here.

This would be a horrific decision on so many levels.  First and foremost, the abortion rate will go up.  More abortions will occur at earlier ages.  We won’t be able to count these abortions since they will occur before implantation, before pregnancy can be detected.

These pills are dangerous for mothers, especially young mothers.  Just read the patient information package insert of regular-dose hormonal birth control – blood clots, hemorrhaging, headaches, migraines, dizziness.  Now times that by two or four and you get a high-dose birth control pill, or morning-after abortion pill.  To read more on how these pills are highly dangerous, click here.

And finally, the easy availability of these drugs will give young people a higher false sense of security which will result in even more risky sexual behavior.

This is not only a bad idea, but these drugs shouldn’t be available to anyone, period!

What do you think?

5 Responses to Obama’s FDA considers allowing morning-after abortion pill available on supermarket shelves

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    I agree. I’m very sorry to hear that people care so little about self control and so much more about destroying their babies.

  2. Jane Doe says:

    This one may be a little harder to fight folks. In picking your battles, this is simply the birth control pill, take two at night, two in the morning, done. Yes, it does prevent implantation, but it is a far cry from the abortions in which are so alarming. It’s been available from Drs for years by simply just prescribing the birth control pill. I don’t think putting it on a shelf is going to change anything, anymore than we are going to see the IUD outlawed in the near future. I’m purely suggesting pick your battles, Elective abortions, RU486 those are the things that need to be focused on at least for now if you want to make real progress in the right to life.

    • Jane Doe, I appreciate you commenting. All fights for life are a bit difficult right now. We aren’t going to shy away from a particular battle just because it may be a bit tougher than the others. This is an attack on life and we will do what we can to raise awareness about it. You would think others would be upset that a 14 year old would be able to get their hands on this. Gauging by the conversation on facebook this has struck a nerve. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  3. Mary Becker says:

    The Today Show just reported that Sebelius’ dept is not permitting Plan B to be made an over the counter drug for all because packaging instructions have not been proven to be understandable for all ages. Here is a Washington Post article on it: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/2011/12/07/gIQAF5HicO_story.html?tid=pm_pop

    • Saw that thank you so much! Good news

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