“Wrong” twin aborted?

The Independent reports that the “wrong” twin was aborted resulting in the death of both babies.  Is this unbelievable or what?  I’m not talking about the incompetence of the doctors, but the overall story.  It is never acceptable to abort a baby.

In this case one of the twin boys was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (possibly life threatening) that would require several operations.  The parents had agreed to terminate their sick son’s life.  Instead, the medical staff aborted the “healthy” boy, most likely an abortion procedure where you inject the babies heart with a lethal heart medication.

After it became obvious they aborted the “wrong” child, they then went ahead and aborted the “sick” child.  Interesting is how The Mirror describes the second abortion:

“…the woman had to have an emergency three-hour caesarean to deliver the sick foetus, which was then terminated.”

So was the “sick” boy terminated after the surgery / c-section?  It seems to suggest that, doesn’t it?

Abortion is never necessary.  In this case if the parents would have just accepted the fact that one of their twin boys may be sick and we’ll do everything that we can to save his life, instead of viewing their own child as a problem or liability.  Their poor decision making left them with two dead children.  How heartbreaking is that?

Please pray for them.  Maybe through this devastating serious of events they will come to see the error of their choices and learn that all children are blessings even potentially sick ones.


One Response to “Wrong” twin aborted?

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    How devastating to read news like this. The loss of two lives. I know a little boy who was born with a heart condition to a single mother and he’s beautiful and really great, so I can’t even imagine why someone would find such a lovely blessing of having a child to be worth terminating (and the fact that they were to be blessed with two boys at that). I hate when children seem to be a burden. I agree with what you said completely! How dare anyone want to destroy a life.

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