ALIVE 11 Metro Maryland Youth for Christ conference recap

This past weekend we had the opportunity to be at the Alive 11 Metro Maryland Youth For Christ Conference, a conference for junior high youth students held in Ocean City, Maryland. Every year a few thousand middle school students come out with their youth groups to sit in teaching sessions and listen to some awesome music. We had the opportunity to set up a table and educate some of these kids on the pro-life issues.

Though it was a loud and crazy weekend we were still impressed with the maturity level of some of these kids. We were able to have serious, mature conversations with some of them at a level that we didn’t expect.  They asked questions, they had ideas, they were interested in getting involved.  They truly believed in what we were doing!

At the conference was this giant 50 foot long sign that the conference had up for the kids to draw and write on.  For us the best part was getting kids to write pro-life slogans and draw some of our designs on that wall.  There were pro-life messages spread through the whole wall!  You could definitely say we co-opted the wall!

At these events some of the best interactions we end up having are with the other volunteers and vendors that are also set up alongside us. This weekend we made friends with a guy who started an online Christian music video channel and we discussed doing different video projects together.  We also befriended a handful of teen volunteers for the event that want to help us out at Impact, the senior high conference in March.

Our most popular items at this event were our I Am Pro-Life wristbands.  We are almost completely out of them!  We also distributed a lot of buttons and stickers too!  A huge big thanks to Human Life Alliance for giving us tons of ‘Live Pure’ tattoos to give out.  The kids loved them!

Overall this event was a success in starting to develop a heart for pro-life in young junior-highers. I hope that the connection that we are establishing with them now will continue for years as they get into high school and continue going to the senior high event through the years.

Thank you for helping us get to Alive 11.  Through your prayers and financial contributions we were able to reach thousands.  Without your help we could not of made such a huge impact.  THANK YOU!


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