VIDEO: Abortionist admits; “Am I killing? Yes I am. I know that.”

On November 6,2009 Abortionist Curtis Boyd made a remarkable admission on Television, “Am I Killing?  Yes I am.  I know that.”  Wow.  Unbelievable.  At least the man is somewhat honest.  Click here to view the video or watch the embedded video below if you are at the Rock For Life blog.

If that isn’t enough to shock you he also admits that he’s an ordained Baptist minister.  Although there are more than one branch of Baptists in America I doubt he would still be recognized under the Southern Baptist Convention.  He is now a practicing Unitarian (pro-abortion) and says he prays often.

There’s more!  He is then quoted as saying, “And then I’ll ask that the spirit of this pregnancy be returned to God with love and with understanding.”  Is he serious?  Pregnancies have “spirits?”  What a messed up theology!  This line of thinking could justify killing anyone as long as we pray that prayer afterwards.

I know this video is old but it’s making some rounds again on the internet.  Please do what you can to expose how horrific abortion is by sharing this article and video through your social media outlets.  And also, pray for this man.  Thanks!


3 Responses to VIDEO: Abortionist admits; “Am I killing? Yes I am. I know that.”

  1. Myself says:

    Geez…… Of course it’s killing. But what’s the big deal? It’s the mother’s choice, not him. He’s just doing his job leave him alone. Personal attacks on this guy does not prove anything about the topic. This post gives pro-life supporters a bad name.

    • How does this post give pro-lifers a bad name? How is this a personal attack? Please be specific. Without examples makes your argument seem incomplete.

      I am assuming you are self-described pro-life. Am I correct to assume that? If so, how do you align your pro-life beliefs with your statements, “it’s the mother’s choice,” and “he’s just doing his job?” It was a slave-owner’s choice to own and abuse slaves. It was a Nazi’s job to exterminate Jews. Not all choices are right. Not all jobs are moral.

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