Quick – Input needed from moms on maternity shirts

We have had a number of requests to print a pro-life maternity shirt.  So, we are going to print some up with the “I am a human being… I am pro-life” message on one.  So, we need your input!

The choice comes down to a scooped neck in black or white or a v-neck.  V-necks are going to be at least $2 more than a scooped neck.  Are they worth it?  If a v-neck, what color shirt?

Please leave your input below or on Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks!


9 Responses to Quick – Input needed from moms on maternity shirts

  1. The Kings says:

    Oh! I just found out I was pregnant two days ago! I’ll totally buy one of these shirts. I like v-neck and black or dark blue….


  2. jocelyn says:

    V- neck is more flattering for a bustier woman, and let’s face it- during pregnancy, you’re often as busty as can-be.

    • Jocelyn, Thanks for your input. We are leaning towards the Vnecks. Any thoughts on shirt colors?

  3. I bought my wife quite a few maternity shirts, and she absolutely hated the scooped-neck ones. I don’t think $2 is going to make much of a difference in a buying decision, but that could just be us.

    • Andrew, thanks for the input. I think we are leaning towards Vnecks. How about colors?

      • Kim says:

        Dark colors are slimming. And white would show all the food we spill on ourselves.

  4. Leah says:

    Not lighter colors. For people who already have kids, you need shirts that won’t show dirt. 🙂 I’d go green, navy blue, even a cranberry color would be cool.

  5. Cindy Osborne says:

    Scoop neck is fine. By seven months of pregnancy I avoid all things white because by belly ended up wearing all spills.
    The shirt in the photo is hideous. Give pregnant women something that flows over the belly. Form fitting just makes us feel like we appear to be something that rolled out on the beach.

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