Pregnant prisoner put in solitary confinement for refusing ‘early induction’ of baby

OK this is a bizarre story. There is a Canadian pregnant mother (Eva Donna Akinyi Okello) in jail who has been put in solitary confinement for refusing ‘early induction.’ ‘Early induction’ is inducing pregnancy before 39 weeks of pregnancy. There are high risks to both the mother and child for inducing early. The pregnant inmate is seven months pregnant.

For some reason a nurse at this jail is attempting to pressure an inmate, Eva Donna Akinyi Okello to ‘early induce.’ Eva is saying no, so the nurse has put her in solitary confinement that is cold and damp with a diet of only bread and water. Even after she was removed from solitary confinement from another nurse, the woman comes back and forces her back into solitary. Click here to read more on this bizarre story.

Normally it is safe to assume that criminal justice professionals have the public’s best interest at heart. However, in the case of solitary confinement, placing an inmate in solitary confinement has been proven and ruled to be most definitely at odds with prisoner’s rights. In LA County alone investigators found 24,000 separate instances of prisoners being forced to sleep on the floor, unbelievable when you consider that guards may be putting pregnant women into this environment.

Is this condusive for a healthy pregnancy? Far from it!

Why is this woman (no I’m not calling her a nurse) so adamant that Eva induce early? It seems she has a vendetta out to end this child’s life. Am I wrong?

What do you think?


2 Responses to Pregnant prisoner put in solitary confinement for refusing ‘early induction’ of baby

  1. Natalie Harden says:

    Is there a medical reason for needing to induce labor to save the baby’s life? If so, then it makes absolutely ZERO sense to then force this woman and her child into a unsanitary environment where she could then be directly endangering the life of this child. If anything happens to this child, I say there are grounds to charge this woman with attempted manslaughter.

    • Natalie, We couldn’t locate a reason on any online news stories, nor did the jailed mother communicate a reason for “early induction.” BIZARRE!

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