New Podcast! Honoring the lives of Jon & Kortney

We have a new podcast up!  National Pro-Life Youth Podcast Episode 006!  On this episode we honor the lives of Jon Scharfenberger and Kortney Blythe Gordon.  Kortney died in a fatal car crash October 8th while Jon died on October 18th from injuries procured from that crash.  Both were  former Students for Life staffers.  Kortney was also a long time Rock For Life volunteer and at one time a full-time staffer as well.  Both died doing what they love – saving babies.

Erik and Kristan as well as guests Megan and Kierstin (pro-life college students) share stories of how Kortney and Jon made differences in people’s lives.  Make sure to help us honor Jon and Kortney’s lives by doing all that we can to save babies, help pregnant mother’s in need and also by encouraging and inspiring the next generation to end abortion in our lifetimes!

Click here to take a listen.

If you have any stories you would like to share about Jon or Kortney you can email them to or  Thanks.


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